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That. Call the twins beat the Blue Jays three to nothing. Jose Barea who's great on the mound, which Garber was great in the batter's box and well-stoked left field. This ball's got a chance at ball is gone. They Mitch Garber Courant Homer his seven to the year that twins Nollie three to nothing. But Guira did not miss that. One. Gladden? The best boys in baseball on the Treasure Island. Baseball network. Came the day game of the day. No question about it out in Oakland, the athletes versus the reds the reds red hot offense going into this game. Fifteen homers thirty seven runs in their previous four games with the team Opie s over a thousand on the mound for the Oakland Athletics. Mike fires ninth year in the big leagues four teams career era over four record of about five hundred. But in this game, he was pretty good. And he got help from his defense in the top of the sixth inning. Not going to be an easy play pull far hustling over there proof bar that he caught it. Jerks. Pray with a tour heading toward Joey vodkas. Oh for two in the fish vodka was a five all left-center Laurie honor going back still going back at the track at the wall. Leaping at the wall. Back to back on believable plays. You'll never see to better plays in sequence than that Lori on a racing toward lift center. Just to the right of the three eighty eight Mark in full extension. His pious. He can go back. His the wool over the wall in brings it back. But would have been a sure home run at first call NBC, sports, California and Ramon Laureano call from eight sixty a m the answer, and you could see on the face of Mike. Fires after Laurie on caught the ball. Yeah. Okay. Maybe this is a special night because for fires. He knows what that experience like he threw a no hitter back in two thousand fifteen jerks and profile did some damage in the bottom of the seventh inning. That's called driven the gap right center field did well for the wall, and it's gone. Sure. Oh form. Laser to right center. His third home run as an A, and he gives Oakland a cushion now leading food and up. Now as athletics were hitting in the bottom of the seventh inning, Bob. Melvin the Oakland manager went to fires broke the unwritten rule that you don't talk to a pitcher who's got a no hitter in progress, and basically said to them look your pitch counts getting up high a hundred and eight after seven innings and he told him if you walk somebody in the eighth inning. I'm coming to get you because I'm not going to have a situation where your pitch count gets completely out of control top of the eighth inning. This is what happened shift the infield. Here's the pitch, Dan. Swung hit the right field hit. Well, but it squabble Bescot is right there about three steps was left. He makes the catch. And fires works and economical one show. Three eighth inning. No hit baseball for fires to it. Eight sixty AM The Answer. Yeah. That eighth inning just nine pitches that set up top of the ninth inning. Nobody out and fires ready years the wind up and the old one pitch, and that's swing and a high pop up on the infield Kevin coach down from third plenty of room fair. Territory right between third base, and we'll play he makes the catch, and, you know, little prompt client Van Meter pitch hitting pops out to Chapman..

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