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Me is incredible. So I don't know. You know, today I feel like I would entertain it, but it would depend on what it is. I never thought about being a filmmaker because of the occupation, the job of it. You know what I'm saying? And when you say working director, I've never thought about it in that way. And I think I've always thought, oh, God, if I had the opportunity of putting something out in the world that affected me, you know, the way it has. And I would love to make that. So that's what I'm trying to balance out. So but I don't know the answer to it, you know, honestly. But I'm open to consider things. But I also know the kind of cinema that I love you. I'm very excited to see what you do next. I wish you well. I really love the first two films. We end every episode of this show by asking filmmakers. What's the last great thing they have seen? This is a particularly, this is one of interest for me since I know that you are a great watcher of movies. I can see all your blurays behind you, so I'm excited. You need to have I wish we had longer to talk and get really nerd out about our collection behind I'm here, man. I'm available to you. This is my favorite thing to do. Okay, good. Well, we should. We should have a separate conversation. And it's nice that we both have physical media behind us. It's so important. You know, I saw something the other day because I had been, you know, how many Gucci is someone, like you find a filmmaker and they're doing something and it's getting under your skin and they're like, what is he what is this? You know, because it's moving and so obviously driving my car, but I had a friend who sent me an early work of his called a touching the skin of eeriness. It's like an under an hour. I watched that the other day and God, I'm still trying to figure it out. I heard that he made a solaris and I've got to find that film. I think that was his student film, I believe. Okay. Have you seen it? No, it's not been made available, but I read the same and got intrigued by that. But I think it is an ultra low budget adaptation of solaris. Yeah, yeah, I would love to see that. Touching this kind of eeriness, he found a link online. I was able to watch that if anyone wants to watch it. You know, I was in New York and I also saw a play, the Lehman trilogy, which I see is now playing in LA or is about to, you should watch it. It was, you know, when I was in New York a few weeks ago, I saw the Lehman trilogy and then drive my car the next day. And I felt so small. So humbled by those works because it was like greatness. You know, that both of them were like a kind of greatness and. It was really like back to back just completely blown away. I'm making a note of the Lehman trilogy. That's in Los Angeles. Watch it, and we should talk about it. I'd like to get your take on that. But the Lehman trilogy, yeah, touching my skin of Erin as drive my car. Yeah, yeah, some books. I read I've been reading this new ozu book, which has been great. Yeah, a few books that I've been reading, but anyway, we can move on. Oh, you know what? I should give a shout out to my son..

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