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In the car if you happen to you at a rest stop one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five at four forty eight years New Jersey fast traffic. NJ transit northeast corner nurtures a coastline trains back on or close to schedule after summarily fire department it gently in Newark at slow things down a bit this report is sponsored by sprint see how you can get both an unlimited plan with one of the newest phones included for one low price which is a local sprint store sprint dot com or call eight hundred spread one to learn more traffic is slowing down into it he's coming out of Clifton Avenue in New York although a crash has been cleared the traffic on the turnpike slow on both first in the south of the car the truck planes in North downside north of the newer day extension up to the split for these to the western edge version got delays Judy seven's been rough north at age eight to thirteen south on seventy seven aged eight down the three that all the four forty seventy eight west entrapping your two eighty seven al take the twenty six parkway south at one thirty one there was a crash has now been cleared out of the way for the down the line local lands north of one fourteen an accident has been cleared seventy Obrecht west and traffic of the parkway up towards New Hampshire Avenue leaving New Jersey still under five minutes across that Saddam maybe as much as ten minutes a dollar from one to nine Tom rivers New Jersey traffic north. Christina style so New Jersey traffic south we're looking at a couple of things going on on two ninety five so the southbound side right between route seventy three hundred seventy there's a crash on the shoulder causing about a twenty minute jam back there were thirty eight then south bound by one sixty eight we had a crash that's no cleared away forty two the southbound side out through Blackwood Clementon road exit eight it's a crash upon the shoulder jams back to route fifty five also westbound seventy by two ninety five we also have an accident there and currently that's taking out at least willing to traffic we do have some volume also what happens in one ninety five east after Hamilton square wrote in the New Jersey Turnpike no one sitting here just a little bit under the speed limit traffic every fifteen minutes next reports of five oh three on New Jersey when a one point five. New Jersey won a one point five instant weather will keep clear skies com wincing cool temperatures for tonight lows across New Jersey dip into the mid fifties or so I think we're almost guaranteed to see some scattered forties.

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