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Hi, I'm Danielle Weisberg. And I'm currently vacant, and we're the co founders and co CEOs of the skin if you're not familiar with the skin. It's a company that helps millions of people just like you get all the news. They need to start their day in about five minutes. We started the skin from a couch in our apartment, we didn't have any experience launching a company. So we reached out for advice and support of other female entrepreneurs we looked up to you now five years and over seven million subscribers later, we're bringing their advice and stories to you with our podcast skimmed from. The couch. You'll hear from women like Hoda copy and savannah Guthrie co hosts up today, I hate my eggs -iety. I have a lot of anxiety. Like, I hope I hope hope hope I don't even put it shoot it out on people. But I think everyone knows like Libby. No like when I if I have to interview the president or something I'm like. Subscribe for new episode each week of what it really took you women to find success and the highs and lows along the way subscribed to and download skin from the couch on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. This is firefighter Raphael yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory steak crispy fried onions are rich. Belgian beer cheese sauce on tap. For a limited time. Order yours as firehouse subs dot com. Remember a portion of every sub you buy helps them by lifesaving equipment for I responded. Firehouse subs. Joy more subs. Save more lives. Limited time only plus tax discipline locations. Firehouse subs will donate a minimum one million dollars in two thousand eighteen hours public safety foundation by donating point one three percent. Every purchase up to seventy percent off. That's right. I court furniture clearance center, get up to seventy percent off new retail prices and choose from wide variety of previously leased furniture and a core for your home or office so fast from one thousand nine hundred nine bedrooms that's from three ninety nine ninety nine dining sets from to..

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