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All the time Or information gets provided about a deal. That's just one element of it by. He makes this much but really then when you add up all the costs the total player costs we'd like to call it becomes a very different number the image rights in the right. And then so before you know it. It's a baby story so a lot of the PR If would you like to go back to class whether that's in the championship or leaked to would you like to go back as a CEO? Cfo whatever you think is too much hassle. It's too difficult for certain clubs to make a good thing to do a good job of the joke you would like to do any offers a few phone calls. Okay okay. I'll figure swampy now. I'm kidding No I wouldn't really want to go back In part because Eighties is a relentless job. So I think a lot one of the things that that isn't really emphasized in some of these discussions. It's just really hard to run UPS. It's a really hard job It's it's an incredibly time consuming job. It's a physically demanding job and it's a it's just A. It's a hard assignment and I think a lot of times. People running full ups. Don't get enough credit to get a lot of grief. I'm so psychologically. Obviously they have to pretty sturdy to deal with what's coming at. You could not winning the league. Obviously the first loser is kind of how I think about it right. So there's a lot of unhappy people. Happy fans a lot of unhappy players and coaches around us. That's not the most pleasant of of tasks muscles just fish. We've taken of your time. We assume you might have seen southern Anton on Netflix. But we have with the other day he was. He was rooting for Charlie Manson and and Donald Store to store Donald over that guy issue relate to those guys I can relate to them. Exactly what you're saying these crowds exactly what about in through. And you should be difference for them because they weren't clear with with a wedge being of of almost primarily club so he was always going to be difficult for anyone. But what you're describing is exactly what you're going through finance. Yeah absolutely thank you for bringing that up. I think I think people should totally watch it. I think it's really worth seeing those shows. Whatever you think trial your Stewart It is it. May I thought to myself? This is really painful to watch because That's the reality of most clubs. Most of the time the numbers might be different than the s they overspend in. What HAVE YOU? But they also have great cash flow. I look at Sundell Myself Amazing. They've got twenty seven. Twenty eight thousand people come in the door every time they play a game. I'm a money goes to Jack Rodwell and or So no I totally get that. But it's a wow. This is really hard to watch on the other hand is probably really fascinated See but it was really light so their friends that other investor in the club. Who was the You you see him early on. You seem again at the end. He's like Goofy Uruguayen Guy. I'm blanking on his name now but I do know and it looks like Tori Sartori. Yes so you know. This dude is married to is married to to. He's married to Jacky. Reba love love. Who is the daughter of Reba? Love Love The guy who owns Monaco and the guy was involved was involved in one of the greatest as a victim. He's not one of the greatest art scams in history right Ripped off by the shady French art dealers. A wonderful starring digressing. Wasn't he French? But why is the nationality relevant come at each swings shady and French together? I don't know but my point is just. The absolute randomness right. So you got Stewart. Donald how does he have even meet this dude? How did he do decide to invest money as a minority partner in In Sunderland and how much does this mess with Stewart? Donald Brain that. This guy's wife probably spends more money on flowers in a month on just margin less than John and that would be enough to keep the football club taking over like it's got to mess with you right. It's gotta be driving crazy. I think they know each other from Oxford united days. I think stewardess from Oxford in conservatory at some point tried to buy Oxford or their own Chunk of Oxford and I think this some relation there but of course I think somebody like Stewart Donald's According to press reports is trying to sell the football club at the moment extinct probably thinking to himself. There's all these rich people out there. Why aren't they want they? Investing this football club losing money. I think that's a big chunk of it I think when you look at football as a way of making money you're probably not in a good place What's what Johnny rescues to say that the way to make a small fortune of football is to start with the March one? I saw.

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