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Gonna play me with proven logic I'm gonna hang up one thing I gotta say dis back thank you for calling back I appreciate it I look there's a lot of things is sports I never thought I would ever see I never thought I'd ever see the Boston Red Sox when will two World Series I gotta tell you I never thought it never ever I never thought I see the Chicago Cubs everybody gets all World Series health let alone go on and win the World Series never ever thought I would see that all right then those those two specific letter does it have to jump out at me more than any and you know what not all of both of them a map it is only in recent times in a red Sox only add them on for now well in Seoul I mean you know he was also the proof as much as you told me once I think they should but as much as you say it's never gonna happen it's never gonna happen here's the truth that is a part of you deep down the things that could happen you wouldn't get angry about losses in seasons if you didn't think it was possible for us so that's the thing about city of predicting began when a civil or any team in this town's gonna win anything but the reason we're phases that hope and what it does or if it does happen it's a hell of a lot more special than if you've won eight championships in thirty five it would be on both it would be off the charts digestible well you know what the band wagon would be going to either be amazed at at bandwagon would basically here's the crazy thing we are now in a city that has nine teams but there's half of them where that is building towards if the Knicks won an NBA title what happened we get it if the Mets won the World Series what would happen if the jets won a Superbowl even the Rangers they won one cop it is also twenty six years ago now for a raise yes the the Islander drought is my age so right we are now building up this resume of ineptitude way if any of these teams win a championship your ending this really long drought it may not be a Cup drought but it's getting it's moving it's moving in that direction yeah and and this idea you could be a jet and giants fan I I I'm sorry I I I have a very hard time buying I yeah I just let it go on Robert we'll take your calls coming up we'll talk to if they need to come that it met can't get an update on their situation but in going Robert right the big dance is right around the corner but the Big East Tournament in the city comes first then because that gets underway tonight in bed and GM Jersey has a special offer to get the party started opened a new bed and Jim account today in place a one dollar bet any Big East Tournament game being played at the garden MST Madison Square Garden between March eleventh and fourteenth and you'll win one hundred dollars in free bets if a three point shot is hit during any game in the tournament regardless of you bet's outcome so the use bonus code Joe jail we one hundred when you sign up to take advantage of this offer that's why first I bet MGM New Jersey betters get one hundred to one odds on a three point shot being made during the Big East Tournament when they use bonus code Joe J. we one hundred get a piece of big east action stop by downloading the better engine map what is a better MGM dot com today and win one hundred dollars in free bets with bonus.

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