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Uh well i did keep one of the dry kept is one dress at she was wearing in the hotel room and episode three when the cops are like and it was this long flowery drass it's really pretty but i kinda was tend to keep the way but then i those things and i think so i have a really good look rock and roll i don't know if i could pull it off but i'd like to try the in halloween halloween is coming right up should definitely on get a black bob for how yes i'm going yeah do not you're gonna be throwing are you however isn't i don't know why i have a a skull cost sorry a skeleton costume and ever wonder on costume and you're a good aside lastminute of yeah i also like being a which i feel like that's a fun the fun what are you guys can yeah closet ready to go yes what are you guys can of i i this is kind of probably a win yeah what are you going to be going to a themed halloween party actually and you have to be this is kind of like morbid but a celebrity whose pows like a dad's really to be i don't know so like my friends being amy winehouse but i don't know i can't really think of a good one right now like if anyone with that when people listen to this what we still be before halloween let me know um but like you could be kari grant who i think you do that i know and with a jfk jr to me yesterday billing i don't know what you do to beat him though i don't know who getting completely you know but all will let you know or or maybe wanna be somebody more wacky like last year i don't know it's stressful to have a theme on top of the coffin with a lotta i know it a lot of work a lot of pressure i'm nothing about that all day so in addition half majet what else is there anything else exciting of coming up the.

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