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Welcome to our first home addition of weekends in the park in the bunker right now with Carmen and alley how you guys doing today. Hey, very good very excited for some mortgage. Be back in the bunker. You guys wake? Yeah. Barely dare you wake. All right. Very good. All right. We got baseball coming up today. And of course, the home opener yesterday, and I like to say that the season starts with the home opener of it as a little bit more of the same for the giants. If they're going to and five on the road trip through San Diego and L A. Although we all know the LA giants deserve a little better fate than losing to have three that game on Wednesday nights still sticks with me a little bit that they've Roberts got away with David freeze hitting against Murata. And I can't believe Miranda didn't put him away and that was the turning point of the game. But they've got away with it had left. These ready to go on the bench, and he stuck with freezing it paid off for him. So the giants came home yesterday and opened up against the Tampa Bay rays, and it's a team that not many people know about. But if you wanna talk baseball Tampa Bay has an outstanding shot of getting into the playoffs this year. And also it's not impossible to think that they may knock off one of the big boys like the Yankees or the Red Sox. It's very good team. It's well run and the hair to take on the giants today. Well, it is Saturday morning. And of course, getting to the ballpark today was always fun because I was anticipating what would it look like when I went in down that hallway pass where all the food is kept in everything else. And it didn't this appoint me. Hot dog buns all over the place. Hamburger buns boxes of onions onions this morning. Tons of that. And also, it's cores light and ale and all sorts of stuff like that. So I know the ballparks going to come alive and we've got forty one thousand or so should be a good weekend series. With the raise maybe maybe not forty one thousand but whether it's a little miss the here this morning, a little soupy as they say, the fog was rolling when I was coming across the bay bridge today. Couple of people who want to shout out to this morning that really helped me out this week. And that is Tron. Pan. Tran I'd probably go fell fun P H A N at the apple store in walnut creek. And I got a new phone and my phone was malfunctioning. And thank God. She was there and took care of it south Sandoval Isaac took care of business today with a router. And let's see who else. Jordan ingersoll. We're going to talk more about Michael stead Cadillac today in the special deal. They've got going, but he was a salesman over there. I saw this week. And of course, they're one of our sponsors any talk just like Bumgarner, he has the same intonations. I said where are you from? And he said, walnut creek. I said good I'm a real linguists to pick that one up. So that was that was my week that I had fun doing this week. So we've got baseball today. It's going to be different for everyone today at first let's talk a little bit about yesterday. And then you've heard the word opener and opener is a relief. Pitcher that starts for team. And that pitcher goes an inning or two. And then they bring in another pitcher who goes four or five innings, and then it becomes like a normal so-called normal bullpen game while the raise gonna do it today. And is a good chance. They're going to do it tomorrow. I thought maybe we'd see Blake Snell tomorrow. But Henry showman of the chronicle has reported that the rays are going to use an opener today. His name is Ryan Stanic. He's a right hander twenty seven years old six four one eighty at a university of Arkansas he did this twenty nine times last year just a couple less than these young award winner Blake's now, and he's extremely effective. Extremely effective. This year has been three games and his done one. Start four innings ahead. No runs. No, homers, a walk and five strikeouts left. These are oh for seven against them. Right. He's one for six. So it's going to be interesting for me to see in the professor. It will be with us tomorrow morning. How you prepare for something. Like this. What do you do with your lineup? How long a static and stay in the game. And then who follows them today? There's fella named Yandi. Cheery knows C H I R I N O S cheer knows twenty five years old out of Venezuela right hander. He's supposed to be the pitcher that comes in second. He's been one game this year, and it was against Houston. He went seven innings to hits a run a Homer, no walks strikeouts. The giants have their hands full today with the Tampa Bay staff. So we'll see how that works out. Tampa Bay also plays very good defense. They had made an error Bill. Arnold of sports features group puts out beyond the box score each week had this in there today and Tampa Bay had made an error going into yesterday's game. And yesterday they made to the first two errors of the year. The giants have seven errors on the year. Tampa Bay has like a nine nine three fielding percentage of good bullpen. They figured out. How to do this opener thing they hit a couple of home runs yesterday off Derek Rodriguez? They catch the ball. So the giants have the hands full with Tampa Bay today. They do face the opener today. All right. Let's talk a little bit about yesterday. A little bit of a continuation. I think of of what we've seen before team with runners in scoring position to for thirteen as Johnson on the wrap-up yesterday. Ten left on base. They had five runners on the last two innings parts a tough call third strike and then Kevin pillar in like Kevin blur to just get on the board. Gotta hit yesterday off Wilmer fund just get on the board. And do something, you know, catch a ball and the gap throw somebody out get a double hit a home run do something. And he's gonna have a fine season. I I. I believe that. And I know the giants are after him for the whole year the whole month of spring training and try to get them. And they finally got him at the end. But you could see these going to press a little bit is definitely a little more high strung. He's got a little edge to them. I like it. This is not a flatliners this guy. This guy comes to play Carmen. Have you had a chance to talk to Puerto? No, I haven't I'd love to and especially since he has been with one team kind of his whole career at love to see how he's a Justin here. Also, kind of interested into you know, it used to be hunter Pence that took guys under his wing. I wonder who's been the welcome wagon sense. Pence's departure question. Yeah. Good question. You hit it on the the nail on the head here with Palomar. He is coming here. Seven years after the Blue Jays and just talk. We'll have him on this morning. I I got him on yesterday. But you know, he's concerned seventy two hours ago he was into Ronco and his family. He's got a little kid and the emotional for him even understandably. So now, he's got just a brand new city country. No kidding. He had LA guy. Yeah. LA guy interesting. But these got an edge to them. I like it. I like he's not a flat liner. So I'd like to see him do something USA skills and get something done today. He's one of the few that's face Stanic before he's two for three against Stanic. Because of course, he's with the Blue Jays static, of course with the with the raise solarte's oh for two. That's it. So you bring in a guy. No one's ever seen before. Now. That's gone. Really? Well for the giants, historically not good and sarcasm guy. I know cheer knows anyone Saint Sheerness Palomar one for four the guy today to watch the we'll get to that in our diamond notes today, but he will be the player to watch. That's one of. Are things will do later. All right. So let's talk a little bit about yesterday for the giants yesterday. A lot of trouble getting the big hit getting that to out hit. It's been plaguing them for last year. It's playing them this year on the season thirteen walk sixty eight strikeouts. Strikeouts up singles or down the three true outcomes. The walk strike at home run up runs being scored forty percent on home runs and the giants have yet to sort of joined that party. And that's what they've got to get going today for Derek Rodriguez yesterday. I'd say about a C plus maybe for him if that he got two outs in the first inning. And then the roof L in Homer double double Homer. And before you knew at the race at four in the first and the giants playing catch once again on the show last night with Mark Willard. Of KNB are does the nighttime show and really enjoyed being on with him and raff was there F B Santangelo junior was there, and they asked me the question about the giants not scoring in the first few innings. They don't they don't get anything going to fourth the fifth inning. And then late in the game. They get it going Carmen is at an I said anomaly, you know, is there anything to this that they don't hit early? I mean, I don't know we can say that quite yet. But it has been kind of a trend. You know, we're watching them kinda rally in past the seventh inning stretch kind of time period. But nothing seems to really come a, you know, yesterday, they had the basis loaded for polar any grounded into a double play. And this is the kind of trend that we're seeing we're seeing a lot of left on base and that needs to change. But I am encouraged by the fact that they are getting people on it's not just a stagnant. Ballgame the whole time there is action. And I think the giants fan. Can can be excited about that. No, absolutely. But I can't understand why they don't get people on early early. They can't hit starting pitching. Maybe a starting pitching killed him. Yeah. It's been really really tough because the minute that starting pitcher departs then they start to see a little bit of success. And I'll tell you. I love the stats early on because they changed dramatically every day. Bullpen stats are not good this year throughout baseball. I think the average bullpen ERA seventy four point two something like that. I mean, you take the cubs bullpen their teams that are dramatically in trouble. The Red Sox getting killed every day. The cubs killed everyday bullpens. Maybe you're not as strong as we think. Well, it's also possible. You know, we talked about this was it our podcast. I can't remember. But we did talk a little bit about how starters are going five innings on average and the bullpen is getting more tax. Not just on the giants. But across all teams in all leagues. So that could be a factor there could be a level of fatigue. That's starting to catch up. And and, you know, maybe this is how baseball's going to go from now on bullpens are not gonna have to Yari or whatever it's going to be a little more elevated, very good point. No, that's a great point of starters, not going deep. And now the bullpens that very good point. I'm being over work. So that's what the giants got going yesterday against the very tough race bullpen you like St. I know you talked about him in a wild Alvarado. He's, you know, these are as longoria said he had a chance to, you know, be the Frank Mary. Well hero of of the game too. On ninth inning five to two longoria against the old team and he popped up to right field. But he said, you know, he said look the guys on ninety nine low and the strikes when my supposed to raise guys they remind me of what like Melvina Don could be for the giants moving forward because they throw heat. They're you know, they could eventually adopt this opener model. Amazing. Well, hey, there's Irwin Irwin. How are you? Good morning. Nice to see Irwin her GARRETT'S here. He's very he's a good, man. He's so great. I love him. He's he does a lot. And plus he works really hard. Not only does he handle the PR side. But he also works to translate with some of the people who speak Spanish and the clubhouse any works with. Tito, vanish broadcast urban her garrison. He's a triple threat. Yeah. Very good, man. I like that. All right. I of our question for ridge Joe's, the mardi gras Carmen. You were there was not available, but she was on assignment that she shaking her head. It was sold out. What could I do uninvited me? He he did uninvite me, actually. Uninvited? Well, the state because my friend bought six figures. But it was wonderful. We had wasn't good. Yeah. It was really good. It was great to see everybody. Everybody seemed very excited about the season. Regardless of the fact that the giants have the record that they have currently. So you know, it's nice to see the giants fans are still coming to the ballpark. Still real really rooting for their team. Yeah. Yeah. Something else..

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