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Ten WTVN. Allison wyatt. A teenager reason critical condition today after he was struck yesterday afternoon while trying to cross a Lexus road on his bicycle police say seventeen year old. Devante Brunson was headed northbound as he crossed the road a little after four PM clipping the rear end of a car in the process before being hit by another vehicle. He was rushed to the hospital. No other injuries will report it the grandmother of a black thirteen-year-old fatally shot by white police officer after a suspected robbery in Columbus you suing that Ohio police officer the Columbus police chief and the city the federal civil rights lawsuit was filed on Friday on the second anniversary at Tyree. King's death challenges the police account signing witnesses who say the officer used a racial slur after firing at the boy and that the toy gun Tyree. Reportedly had was not visible the officer. Who was never charged had said he. Feared a gunfight and Akron man is behind bars today after police confirmed the identity of a body excavated from the backyard of a home that he shared with his girlfriend is that of his girlfriend Fifty-three-year-old, Martha free tag police say fifty two year old David Callahan is facing murder abuse of a corpse and evidence tampering charges in her death. Free tags family members say they called police after they were unable to reach her since late July medical examiners were called to the home on Thursday. The remains were then later found inside of a fire pit and a fire and police recruits seeing the state of Ohio are being asked about their sexual history in an attempt to evaluate their character. The Cincinnati inquirer reports that the city's police and fire departments application process includes questions about applicants most unusual sex acts, and how many times they've had sex outdoors a police union, president said he supports questions. That would indicate the recruits lawbreaking exposure. But he doesn't understand how the sex questions are relevant for.

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