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So he looked on at undercooked today. Didn't they oh big time? Big time undercooked. Yeah. I mean. A couple. I mean, he had the the medical time out between sets two and three. I think it was which went to court for it. I think it was a hip injury. Which is which is a new one, you know, when he pulled out of the practice on cheeser. I'd heard reports that it was the back. Then reports came out yesterday that it was in the shoulder. But then it seemed to me that it was something more in the hip Demane he received treatment on today. So he's oversee, you know, not quite right. He looks like he needs a good preseason to me you need like he looks like he needs to have a good run at training without injury intervening. Yes. So incredibly undercoat is second serve was being eaten for breakfast. And he was just getting I mean Chile played superbly. He served a dream today. So you know, he wasn't really being given anything to get his teeth into. But that made it all the more important that that he was. Real force on his own seventy didn't it didn't feel like that. He didn't feel like a fool, you know, in any way, which is a real side thing to say he gets back though. But it certainly seems too soon. So look, I mean, he's a high risk IRA would captain isn't a Yannick Noah. But that means that when it doesn't pay off you do have questions to answer. Absolutely. And some would say that the best captains are the ones that just get the players playing V, no matter how difficult that might be. And some would say the best captains of the ones that don't let the the player power overrule them. And don't let you know do say to play. All right. Then if you're going to be like that, you know, I don't know the details if the feud with Seema morpheus and whoever else over the years, but but the ones that are strong enough to say, okay, I'm not going to pick. You, you know, Phuc whatever principal reason. So. I didn't necessarily have the answers to the question. But I think if the rest of the final as the way we probably expected to their certainly valid questions into answer born a charge merits. He has made rises this year that I think have gone a little notice we didn't have a podcast on him. When he when he got to one of the big finals a few weeks ago. We did go quite deep into into his emergence. But I just feel like today was another another step in tiredly because this guy I think too many Carol said on Twitter that he used to be so demonstrative. He was he was veins popping out of the neck and fist pumping. All the time. Whenever he would hit winners today. He was so composed wasn't. He he was taking shoddy to the woodshed to use Brad Gilbert, but he was. Doing it quietly calculating Lee. And and he was doing it called bloodly as well. Yeah. Absolutely. Any also serve really well that was that was very noticeable. In Germany, shoddy was actually asked about the improvements that churches made because shoddy I think let the head to head going into this match certainly be an before they had close matches. And he said that church is really improved his serve. He was serving seventy five percent today. And that's kind of been a hallmark of his season. When he had that run in Shanghai that you mentioned he was really serving well when he took out Federer, and yeah, I mean, we've talked a lot about sits pass action ovens. Vera, Evan, you know, probably we should be putting church in that sort of category as well. He's he's maybe not quite as eye catching as those three. But he's very effective. And if you look at the guys who've dominated tennis in the past ten years, maybe. They've all been the best defenders if you like the best movers and church is definitely in that category. And he can up so sting you with his back on the line as well. And he just cool shoddy very cold. A lot of just exposed is movement. Really very well today on clay as well, Catherine..

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