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It's a seasonal subscription box or women to discover new products for a life well live and ana is ripping it apart on that guy now she's excited here it's delivered four times a year for forty nine dollars box you get all sorts of fun stuff in there on what are you thinking right now taking looking at box right now it looks amazing my god this is so this is incredible i live at your now like bringing me gifts to sim i had this the most amazing beach towel that's incredible for my swimming needs the most amazing brown eye shadow which is only to wear from tart the best best company there i have this amazing facial cleansing brush by fauria which i've used i've used this before and it's incredible they sent me to cutest little coaster plate that is off so you get all sorts of amazing stuff in there oh my gosh this sunscreen is incredible it's organic sons sorry for a while i know there's so much stuff it's called sex kitten i wanna be flex kidding helped me out there and there's this amazing marianella hawaiian black lava body caviar which i rubbed all of my body the other day on my skin feel incredible was amy's want that visual on it before this papaya enzyme from elements dear listeners please sign up for fab fit fund today to get your summer box the fab fifth fund summer box is in limited supply and these boxes always allowed please use my code qualified to get ten dollars off your first box go to fab fund dot com to sign up and start getting the box for life well lived police use promo code unqualified to get ten dollars off your first box that's over two hundred dollars for only thirty nine ninety nine go to fab fund dot com and use my code unqualified to get ten dollars off your first fab fit fund box my aunt is her birthday is coming up this is exactly what i'm getting her amy my wife has never been happier all right so let's get back to the show moshe casher.

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