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This is bob a vis officials story he claims that when he met this woman rima houston i believe is her name uh who is transgender and a sex worker he claims that he had no idea she was either one of those things xuca um and ads he is simply being extorted by her because once she found out that he was bobby valentino she started to make monetary demand and he had to get out of there and now vis but if she's a sex worker regardless of her she's trains and not they knew he was gonna have to pay clint as lindsay said regardless his claim is that he had no idea prior to interacting with her sexually that she was a sex worker alka now that i just don't believe a now i also do not believe that first of all i know the game well enough to know how that whole thing goes and just living in my hair he fake i pete plenty of dad like i've heard four years specific names of celebrities that come through to miami and they got their little resources of where they go to meet the girls and they do their thing they have a good time in you know as long as you take care of your financial obligations vanessa it's usually chris by the fact other being a young gay in being kind of shocked as to how like like cool and calm a lot of them were with eightyear them saying because you know i'd had i was like i guess at a time i'm not thinking that plenty of and probably don't even care but ranked by be clearly cares because he doesn't want to admit.

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