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KCBS Manzini Sleepworld, six day forecast for you. Now, we're expecting things to turn out to be very nice this afternoon. The fog pretty well burned off around the region, or if not just about there, and we're looking for sunny skies, sixty eight for San francis-. Hi today. Seventy eight and San Jose a few low eighties farther inland. Pretty similar story tomorrow including the morning, overcast period and then expecting slightly warmer conditions on Friday and Saturday, maybe the mid eighties inland before a little bit of cooling on Sunday and Monday, those two days probably will not see anybody hit the eighties in the bay area. Traffic and weather together on the eight. So an all news one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time eight fifty to a San Francisco state university professor is producing a documentary film to tell the story of a cultural enrichment program that for several decades served as sort of a rite of passage for many Taiwanese American youth. KCBS reporter Keith men Coney says the film explores how a serious minded cultural excursion came to be known as the Taiwan love boat. Well, that's just the story you'll get from the promotional material for this Taiwanese government program. In fact, it could get a Little Rock as rowdy as one former participant quickly discovered. Apparently, it's not really cultural beast, it's really for finding your on your significant other. So that's why it's called a love. But that is unofficially filmmaker. Valerie, so is a professor at San Francisco state university. She says officially the program brought Taiwanese heritage you to Taiwan to participate in cultural enrichment activities like Mandarin language study martial arts and brush painting, but many students had other plans they stopped having the wrong in part because it became it. Just got out of hand the program reached its peak between the eighties and the early two thousands. Now professor so says it is broadly remembered in the Chinese American community either nukes someone who went or you went yourself or your cousins went professor so is raising funds on indie. Gogo. Complete the film Taiwan love boat by twenty nineteen Keith Makoni KCBS mega millions jackpot. Nobody got it last night. So the next drawing on Fridays going to hit at least eight hundred sixty eight million dollars. Boy, there was a close call right in the bay area in San Francisco. Somebody bought a ticket at the marina Safeway had five of the six numbers that according to California lottery, which says that it'll be worth around a million dollars wouldn't know whether to be happy for the million dollars or distraught that I lost out on eight hundred more of them. Yes. Since my all tied lottery winnings are like seven dollars. You know, never been this close. The jackpot Friday would be the second largest lottery grand prize in US history. If the numbers continue to add up the way, they look like they will second only do a massive one point six billion dollar Powerball drawing in January twenty sixteen KCBS news time eight fifty four now from a small business pulse. Bay area have career conversations with employees talk about what they've done where they wanna go and set them on. On that path real talks become real action. For more tips. Go to small business pulse dot com slash bay area. Sponsored by Comcast business. KCBS news time eight fifty four. We're checking in with Jason Brooks and not the same kinda day. We had yesterday on Wall Street. No, not quite Susan. But we have seen investors.

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