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He doesn't say anything like that ever. So, finally, the stuff that we talked about a year ago about Joshua possibly being an impact player. It looks like it's going to come to fruition and thank goodness. I mean, it's about time, and you could see an a stint last year that, you know, especially when it came to just rushing the passer, he was very impactful in the snaps that he got. And you know, they're looking for a guy they didn't, they didn't draft a guy like, say, Jermaine Johnson, that they could have to put out there. They didn't draft anybody at the edge. And so what you have left are Joshua and Ronnie Perkins. He also somewhat talked up Ronnie Perkins, but it wasn't nearly what he said about Joshua. So to me, I got excited. I heard Steve Belichick say that. And I think that this is great. That they have, and this is where he should be. He should be the starting edge player opposite Matthew judon. He should plan all the downs. He's that type of player. He has that type of speed. He has young legs. He has explosive ability, just trust him. Let him play and let him screw up if he needs to. He will learn. He's a smart guy, and let's go forward and see what that looks like. Yeah, I gave the silver linings during our draft podcast because I was so tired of just the nonstop hate and criticism of everything, not to say that the Patriots hit it out of the park. But as far as how we initially feel, we'll ultimately understand what they did in two or three years. But one of the main takeaways for me and as I said it, you know, if you wanted this team to be faster on defense, if you wanted this team to be fast overall, especially on offense, if you wanted Belichick to finally give these young guys the opportunity, that's what it's all about. You know, when you look at the draft, this is giving uche. This is giving Perkins. This is giving maybe and for any Jennings. It's giving those guys an opportunity to make a difference. I'm all for it. Let's see what uche has. He has absolutely shown flashes. He's a second round pick. He's a talented guy. Give him a shot, give him this opportunity. And if he hits, then you've got him and judon on each end, which is fine by me. Also some good stuff about camera grown yesterday and the day before, correct. Yes, Steve talked about him the other day, but I was just looking at my coat 'cause I asked Gerard Mayo about McGraw yesterday. And.

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