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To sacrifice herself. On their wedding night. She begins to tell the story to the king, but she doesn't finish it. He refuses to kill Sheherazade until she can complete the story which she does the following night as soon as she's done. However, she begins another tale and the cycle starts over and it's her desperation to stay alive. That gives birth to a collection of stories that have influenced cultures and literature all over the world. Her desperation, didn't just allow her to keep her head. It gave her security, she became too important to discard. Much like a young Italian scientists in Scotland around fifteen hundred. His name was John Damian, and he arrived promising great big things to king. James, the fourth King, James, allow Damian to set up a laboratory inside Stirling castle in order to carry out his experiments under a watchful eye. The king was in search of something important, something that had alluded rulers and explorers for thousands of years. Every culture had a different name for it the elixir of life, the elixir of immortality, and occasionally, the philosopher's stone, then yes, for fans of a certain boy wizard. It's that philosopher's stone. The gave Damian everything he needed money time, resources, all in the pursuit of a substance that would not only bring attornal life, but turn any other material into gold and Damian certainly took advantage of his benefactors generosity records from the time to note the purchases of all sorts of scientific equipment, including Cullens, glass, flasks, and other materials. He spared no expense and bought whatever he needed whenever he needed, including copious amounts of whiskey. Like many rulers throughout history, King James sought to control and maintain his wealth, by any means necessary, this often involved research into the supernatural when realistic solutions proved too time, consuming, or unsuccessful. Unfortunately after about seven years, it didn't look like Damian was any closer to eternal youth. Then when he'd started instead he turned his eyes toward the heavens specifically, he wanted to get, as close to them, as possible dreams of wealth, and immortality were set aside as the alchemist became obsessed with making man, why you watched birds how their wings caught the wind and propelled themselves up higher and higher how they could glide on a current of air for seconds before needing flap again. Damian studied the mechanics until he thought he'd figured it out. He began designing wings for himself based on his observations even going.

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