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Landon Collins, Washington Redskins, Colt Mccoy discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio on Twitter, Facebook, you're weighing in about the rights of paying customers has fans and what they should be allowed to say and not allowed to say. And we'll get to some more of those reactions before we get to the top of the hour, but a few moments here to talk about the big move in free agency for the Washington Redskins. Let's welcome Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman who covers the team for one zero six seven the fan our affiliate in DC. Good morning, Craig. Thanks so much for a couple of minutes. Good morning, Amy you what's funny about that highlight? I actually watched. I know exactly what play that is watching that game back is I was re watching some Landon Collins yesterday that was the first quarter play. And I'm ashamed I know that. Well, no, you shouldn't be ashamed. That's diligent fits your homework. So then what is it about? Landon Collins that the Redskins wanted they need to safeties. And he is really going to be good at one of those spots. He's more of an defensive players hate this term. But I'd say term offensive coaches us. I've discovered that over the last twenty four hours to he's a box safety. So he's going to play down around the line of scrimmage a lot more. He's going to play more underneath and coverage. But they've needed a player like that for years and years and years and everyone loves to not loves to. But everyone will basically set tell you. They haven't had a great safety Sean Taylor past and he's a different kind of player because no one was like that. No, one was like what what Sean Taylor was in terms of the range over the top and things like that. But he's basically half of what John was in terms of the physicality coming down towards the line. The ability to play the run the ability to to crush you coming over the middle. He's actually decent in man-to-man, depending on who you ask. I talked to an offensive coach yesterday. Who said he's a pain in the butt to play against because he can cover tight ends. And do some of the things that you'd ask and underneath player to do. He's not going to be the guy that can be an original over the top. He's not Earl Thomas. He's not he's not that type of player, but they still obviously need that type of player. But, but this was also a massive massive need for them. And he fills it on a very creative contract that is going to actually help them sign some other free agents as well fix years. Eighty four million dollars would be the life of the contract. Three pro bowls for Landon Collins at just twenty five years old also eight career interceptions. And you mentioned Sean Taylor who is one of Landon Collins idols, and someone that he very much admires. And so that the filling the need is great. What about the star power of a Landon Collins, though, in the fact that he's already made a name for himself? Not to mention he comes from Alabama. Yeah. Which is huge for them. They could have six starters from Alabama next year. That's insane. But it's also not because they have the best football players. And so what they've done. With their locker room. And I know it's kind of weird because one of those guys is probably gonna be Reuben foster to so to say like, oh, yeah, they're sounded a bunch of choirboys and a bunch of just really high character. Guys win Reuben foster is one of them. Okay. He's a little bit more the exception. And you know, there's a difference between character and football character and his problems away from the field are a little different. But Reuben foster in a separate box and not deal with him. But for the other the other guys guys Doron pain guys like Jonathan Allen guys. Like, Ryan Anderson. These are their first first and second round picks from eighteen seventeen in seventeen these are tone setter type of players in their locker room and they've made an effort, including dismissing DJ swearing, which is part of the reason they needed. Landon Collins to get players with a certain type of attitude it just so happens that a lot of these guys are coming from the exact same place. And so it's not coincidence that Landon Collins went to Alabama and that he played with some of these guys he would've crossed briefly with with those three. Players. I don't know about pain. But but with Allen in Anderson. The they are just a different type of breed. They come to the NFL with a different kind of attitude. A selfless team first attitude that they want in that locker room. And so that is a huge part of this. And and it's not so much the star power. I think that's a little bit of an overplayed narrative because early and Dan Snyder's ownership. He definitely did star chasing. I'm not saying that Daniel Snyder is all of a sudden turn to this magnificent owner that has certainly gone away under Bruce Allen who is not as interested in star chasing. They do need star power. They do need people to buy tickets because their attendance is terrible. And they've got a million problems as a franchise. They don't think Landon Collins is necessarily a ticket seller. I think Landon Collins has star power because he's a good player need they need good players badly. And so the that fills a need from from the star void in that. Oh, no that's far more important than whether or not he has household recognition though. That would come with him being a star in that secondary. Craig Hoffman covers the reporter covers the reporter. It's a it's been a long show. Craig covers the rent for our affiliate in DC. The fan. We're happy to have him for a couple of minutes. Here this morning. What was the reaction to the trade for case keenum as the stopgap quarterback? It was an initial freak out because people thought that that was that was like, oh my God. They're trading for keenum. This is their answer quarterback. And then as people like me more reporting on it. We're able to say like actually this is this is just not like they're not done yet that kind of temper the reaction, and then it kinda turned and actually much like Landon Collins deal. Once we got some of the details, a kind of turned into praise for the Redskins for an office of a really smart and savvy move, they essentially got it. It's funny because you ask people around the league. And this is now happened to me, I think five or six times who just case reminds you of colts Colt McCoy their actual starter. So they they essentially got insurance, and they did it in a way that did not take them out of the Josh Rosen sweepstakes. It did not take them out of any other drafting drew locker. Or dangle Jones at fifteen they could still do those things because financially it's feasible. And actually if they were to trade for rose in the four quarterbacks on the roster combined Alex Smith who obviously will not play but carries a twenty point four million dollar cat figure Colt McCoy at three point five million. Case keenum at three point five million and Rosen would count for the Redskins at one point eight because Arizona takes the pro rated version of his signing bonus. They were all cost less combined than what Minnesota's gonna pay Kirk cousins. And I don't say that to be a shot at Kirk. It's just interesting an interesting math facts. And so to get a guy who has some NFL experience it back in their building. Because all they had was Colt McCoy was really smart really savvy, and they did it at a specific number. They wanted that three point five million because that is exactly what Colt McCoy makes. And so they can enter a quarterback competition that is a true competition that no one's gonna win based off finances. I gotta go back to what you said about Colt McCoy being the starter. So that is the thing and case keenum is the backup or there's going to be a competition. No, there's going to be competition. But McCoy was the starter because there was no other quarterback with two healthy legs in the building. I don't say that to be glib. It just it. It was a fact the only other guy that that was even floating around that they could have resigned was Josh Johnson. And he just had ankle surgery. So even he's not available. They're not going to resign him because he's not anywhere close to being able to play football. So they had nobody literally no other like they had nobody to throw passes outside of Colt McCoy, not they did not have a Kampar, nevertheless, a viable backup. And so now they bringing case and case in coal can compete for the starter slash backup job in again. Because of the finances they are dead even in that moving forward. What else did they desperately need? A lot. They need a playmaker. Actually, they really need two to three playmakers on offense. So they could probably stand upgrade at wide receiver. The question is exactly where they go. The bigger body type of guy to replace Josh dachshund. I think that is probably the play or at least make dachshund more rotational player and then move on from him after this year the final year of his rookie contract. They will not pick up his fifth year option. They did sign Paul Richardson to forty million dollar contract last year. He was hurt. Literally the entire year. He got hurt and training camp. Play through a for a couple of weeks. They could stand upgraded at the speedier type of position Trey Quinn. I like a lot who's Mr. relevant last year's draft. He's gonna react. Now. They're starting slot. They could use another receiver they need. A why tight Endo a blocking receiving combo tight and to go opposite of Jordan Reed. It probably need to sign a running back. If they can't resign Adrian Peterson. Obviously that would be the number one choice to pair with Darius guys in Chris Thompson. And then they need another safety. They need. I think. Could upgraded inside linebacker need care again. So yeah, they need a lot of they need a lot. And frankly, they need another quarterback too. But is that all other than that? The play was great MRs Lincoln. They do need a lot. But I do think that they've done some smart things. I think the keenum was smart, I actually like the Colin signing a lot and to get into the details. Briefly of the contract not to bore everyone. But they they were able to get it in a cat number for four million dollars this year. So for a team that's cap strapped in free agency. They were able to figure out how to get Landon Collins on big number eighty four million dollar contract that only counts four million dollars this year towards the cap. So they can still pursue guys. Like CJ Moseley who they're still in hot pursuit of before. I let you go. Craig Sean Jackson who was drafted by the eagles. Oh, eight spent three years with the Redskins before he went to Tampa for a couple of seasons is now back in the NFC east. How do you like that move? I like it. I look I like any team that can get Sean Jackson. I've seen what he does to defense is. He scares the daylights out of them. And he opens up everything the Redskins offense has not been the same since he left and guys like Jordan reading Jamison Crowder benefit benefited hugely from. Him when he was here because he is he literally moves the safeties back another five yards because there's just nobody like him in almost NFL history. I mean, he played twelve games last year. I saw this last night. He played in twelve games last year and was fifth in the league in twenty plus yard frigates. Like he just is the guy that can get behind defenses like nobody else's ball tracking abilities super unique. And so his ability to make big plays is a complete game changer. So for Philly and Carson Wentz who obviously has a huge arm and a guy who can extend plays of all of a sudden, Sean is able to just get free late and plays. They're going to score two to three touchdowns next year on extended plays where to Sean just decides to run past everybody as Carson runs around and Carson launches when deep I mean, those kind of plays are invaluable in the NFL. So I think it's a smart move for Philly, and obviously that ups the Redskins need and my neck of the woods for them getting that deep safety. I mean, I don't know how much sleep you had. I know you were complaining. About it before you went to bed, which is fine. I was gonna say you have great through and are very eloquent. I wish I had that because sometimes lack of sleep. It doesn't matter what I'm trying to say it comes out completely different. So I'll send you the coffee. I don't wanna get in trouble for Paola. But I will send you the talk. All right. You can follow Craig on Twitter at Craig Hoffman. He's busy. It's it's that time of the year. It's time to tamper Redskins reporter for one of the things that with the fan, Craig. You're the best. Thank you so much for a couple of minutes. You got it. Amy. I mean, can we all be that great at this hour of the morning with out any issues that was awesome? Craig to make time for us live and also great information there on just one of the teams in free agency that is trying to put together a resurgent locker room resurgent roster fill some holes some through injury some through defections, and that is the story in pretty much every franchise war room in this time of the year. We still have one more full day to go with this tampering. And then we'll actually start the NFL league year. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence..

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Landon Collins, Washington Redskins, Colt Mccoy discussed on CBS Sports Radio

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