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The irs comes calling a couple hundred billion dollars in total here of the amount of debt that's odor could be required to be hey adam right now there's about there's more than three hundred billion dollars enrolled in income driven repayment so that's just the amount of money that's in these plan now keep in mind some people will pay off their debt before it reaches the twenty year mark and therefore they will they will not face a tax bill and i should clarify that if you're you know in that program called public service loan forgiveness there is no tax if if you if you're in that plan but if you're a private sector worker you know yeah i mean there's three hundred billion dollars of this one estimate was that about one hundred eight billion just in principle will be forgiven just for all of the loans that were issued through the past year so that doesn't include perspective ones but we're talking about a lot of cashier and but you but here's here's the thing that i should point out you know people don't have the money the irs might not be able to might be forced to cut you a deal or just might not be able to come after you if you can show the actually don't have the wealth to pay off these bills you know the the irs might just be forced to write off that debt so it's really a big problem because some people will be forced to pay you know even if if if they have the cash saved up they might have to pay a lot but then you have this issue of if the irs forgive some of this that you know it's some people might get a bigger subsidy than than than than others and there's a fair fairness issue here anybody from another planet josh would look at this and go this is insane so you can't afford to pay for college so you borrow then you can't really afford to pay it back so you post ponant and just pay a little bit and then you can't afford to pay what you owe from the government and that all might go away too yeah i was talking with someone one of the higher education trade groups this what i was talking with someone who is who is the head of this trade group and he was around when they passed this law and they he said that people did not pay attention to this idea that the forgiven mouth would be taxed it would just kind of something was it was like they they over it was it was never site and so i think what's happening now is as we get closer to the people you know reaching the twenty year mark we aren't there yet but you know as things could get closer to that point people are starting to realize there's gonna be a big problem thanks josh wall street journal reporter josh mitchell who's based in washington twelve minutes now after the hour on this.

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