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Etlinger throwing a touchdown pass a point after away from making it forty five twenty four and this one was this little Jordan Humphry as we watch the replay here. Little Jordan Humphry on a quick little slant. Little post just beat the defenders inside move and ball was placed perfectly on target. I'm Sam etlinger. Like, I said is playing the game of his college career forty five to twenty four Texas with a was a seven point underdog in this game. Tom Herman again of the score even close to this holds Tom Herman in his last thirteen games as an underdog will be twelve and one is the head coach against the number with nine outright wins big and physical that's part of the culture on my trip out there. I talked to coach Herman about how he's getting that culture turned around to be made in his image. And he said that one of the things that they're doing which he did Houston before he got. The Texas was to make the offensive lineman n de Lima. But especially the oil Lyman the stars of the game. It's not that the quarterback is the star. No the receivers that score the points. No it is the old lineman. As a matter of fact, whatever touchdown is scored. There is a rule that the person who scored the touchdown must celebrate with an offensive lineman. I they are not allowed to celebrate with another receiver or with a running back. You bypass though, you will see Texas players that scored a touchdown run past small guy teammates to get to the first offensive lineman. They can for the first celebration because those linemen are the stars there the focal point and that creates a certain toughness in the team because the team takes on the personality of the offense of luck. Our producer Travis rock hall, Ohio State fan would like you to know that urban Meyer does that same thing at Ohio State. He'd like you to know that he got the that's where Tom Herman got it. So Travis trying to work in. The Ohio State angle this. Although it does relate with Tom Herman being the head coach. Yeah. So. They also use a football. There you go. Okay. So there's that Travis then helmets. I do wanna look ahead quickly. Go ahead. In fairness, a lot of things right now stand for whatever does if you look at strength programs, for example, Mickey Muratti his strength coach that has spread out over all of college football and certain things that they do to prepare teams not just to win football games. With win fights come from urban Meyer and that tree and Tom hermit is from that tree about the ways using Sam elegant little J T Barrett ish today in the run game in the past game elegant, maybe a little more efficient through the air. But there are some there are some similarities well, use use what you got. But overall the personality of the team I remember urban Meyer on on a preseason feature. Where cameras followed his his team around a couple of years ago. I remember him addressing the team in summer camp. He said we are hungry team. We are an angry team, and you repeat those things over and over and over again, that's how you get your team to absorb them and internalize them and Tom Herman's doing the same thing. This Texas team. Do you think they're playing hungry and angry today and urban Meyer? It's part. His party, his culture. But Herman is instituting it successfully at Texas just the same way. He did it Houston northwestern with a touchdown. And the two point conversion they lead number twenty Michigan state twenty two to nineteen there in the second half as they are set to begin the fourth quarter and West Virginia with a twenty eight to fourteen lead on Kansas other scores quickly before we go to break. Cincinnati leads to lane thirty.

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