Kennedy Library, Dr Savage, Hillary Clinton discussed on Steve Deace


I have always been fascinated with the words of john f kennedy always fascinated that he was no matter how much medication or how much pain the smartest guy in the room and i know i've been to the kennedy library and i've listened to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of tapes and today in the savage nation i'm michael delgiorno filling in for dr savage and before i rip into hillary clinton and she makes it so easy before i rip into nancy pelosi and she makes it so easy quite frankly rip a little into the president and the constant changing of staff i wanted to hold up john f kennedy and his words let their own party bearer and the standard and wise words condemned them now as we talked about so many things about prioritizing military strength the national security in kennedy's speech that wasn't delivered because he was shot and killed at the merchandise mart but later that night he'd have gone to austin and talk to the democrats who hated him they were liberal he was conservative they were undermining him constantly and he had a midterm election and he had a nation and a world to lead it really is i don't know if we're allowed to say this one of the goto youknowwhat speeches so eloquently written you wonder how they taken it you wonder if they'd have known they've been told to go you know what but the words i want to focus on is our duty as a party is not our party alone but the nation let us not be petty when our causes so great stop quarreling among ourselves when our nation's future is at stake with that standard you know like do you ever just kind of walk around going he when did we stop being republicans what are we stopping democrat why don't we ever just americans well it seems like an eighty hockey game and it seems like a two thousand and one nine eleven attack it's the only two i've witnessed.

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