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And everyone felt ripped off what would make you feel ripped off with mayweather mcgregor let me think about the outcomes at eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six i can think of a couple that would make you go what just happened here what happened to my money what do you think's number one for usery biggest rip off from the fight there has to be a knockout if there's not a knockout than it's a rip off okay so people are saying if floyd runs for twelve rounds right if floyd plays defense for twelve rounds let's connor and and and by the way in that scenario probably very few punches landing right in the whole fight which was pack yao mayweather and if that happens you regret one hundred bucks how about this one if floyd knocks conner out in the first round ripped off i actually don't think so because he does not of people out maybe the casual fare would be like i wanted to see this drag out a little bit more but to seem floyd knock him out i think is still worth the money just in in pennsylvania on the shell pins pennzoil performance line what's the biggest rip off scenario for you on saturday night justin well at after agree with you all it if you're with him over at yale mayweather heart aircraft was just twelve of them is what parliament on to ensure you know a little bit of crunchers but what made that fight even worse is that to promoters and hbo and showtime duct together on that flight and not only that but they showed it for free a week after so what was the point of laying down one hundred hours to see it on paper futile when i could have seen it a leak later or not paid at that so we will you buy the fight on saturday night no arms go on cool local or a restaurant on gonna show the fight but there church long dollar cover church just get into that's kind of like buying slight urine and you're paying money to see the fight you're just not buying by yourself right.

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