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We make with respect as far as what she she she is what you're doing you made a set of promises back in nineteen forty seven the minister promises about one country two systems live up to those international commitments if you do those things on Khan can continue to be the thriving place that those who had a chance to travel there no it's a big financial it's a place that has a different system inside of China but they have obligations and duties promises not that we made or not but the British made but that the Chinese Communist Party man we ask them to live up to them that's what I said last week when we saw some of the actions they were taking or at least contemplated taking and that's what we continue to try and hold them accountable for their behalf to live up to their international commitments the world is watching these things and it's not hard to do they are just simply do it was being secretary state Mike Pompeo Mr secretary you and senator Elizabeth Warren a former presidential candidate was worn a you had a bit of an exchange on Twitter you told us you should review the law again all rights under U. N. security council resolution two two three one are separate from the joint comprehensive plan of action or JCPOA but I'll put you down for Chinese arms sales to Iran on October eighteenth which weapon is it okay with you if they said the couple divisions of VT four tanks good Mr secretary just tell me this what is this dispute about a wasn't what are what are you saying what is Elizabeth Warren's position all credit card came in knowing that the Iran nuclear deal was a disaster and got out of it in may of two thousand eighteen one of the reasons I was such a rack was that most of the major provisions I want permanent they began to expire first of such provisions expires in October of this year just buckets to handle a month away so we use every tool we have our diplomatic get back to insure that come October this year the Chinese canceled thanks the Russians can't sell all remains a call conventional arms sales that this provision prohibits today will like will expire and they'll be the workplace largest state sponsor of terror in Iran will be able to purchase those weapon systems and so we had a little fun but was senator Warren said you know goodness gracious you can't use the JCPOA who are not doing them yeah it's day seven on a big awaited unambiguous right at the U. N. security council to keep these restrictions in place and president trump has made clear we're gonna make sure I never gets a nuclear weapon had Morgan added item access to weapons systems to the maximum extent feasible I think given all the top news these days these days prefer secretary before we let you go I just want to ask what are some of the of the things are going on at the at the international level when it comes to our allies and partners trying to help us deal with this whether it's information sharing between scientists between doctors and medical researchers around the world this is is there anything you can speak to with regard to how our allies are coming through for us yeah but that's a great question we we've had some friends or some great things here first we had a chance to travel to America stranded all across the world so our president fantastic in helping the state department and now over seventy five thousand people back who had travel plans.

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