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It looked like it was headed right in the middle of basket ball is still up over the cylinder. Camara came in from the left side was trying to dunk it while it was still over. The cylinder looked like it was gonna go. Man. That's no points missed opportunity for the dogs old this with the basketball down. Rebels work on the far side. They lose the basketball of tight Georgia defense. Morel and Joyner turned it over right in front of the Georgia bench area on the far sideline. Lose the ball out of bounds. Dogs have the possession down 10 to 9 almost just waiting to trap Wheeler soon as he steps into the front court. Well over the ball. Just get passed on the right wing to Cairo. He attacks through the lane drops it off down low. Fagan layup. Good. Justin, tired in a great job, penetrating their defense right to the middle of the paint as the defense collapsed on him. Nice little bounce past time Guy tires. 43rd assist of the season is first to the night. Here's old mess on the drive by Often down the right edge of the lane, and his shot is no good and on the rebound, there's a foul of push on the old Miss rebels, Dogs will have the ball. Leading by 1 11 10 fouls called on the Sami Hunter, who checked into the ball game, a six night sophomore forward from the Bahamas. 13 44 on the clock. First half dogs and white old Miss all in red will get a white trim. On the uniforms tonight, Wheeler dribbles around the foul lines spends kids about tire on the right wing Justin now dribbles between the circles feeds it inside to Fagan. Bounce pass. No, look down on the baseline to come, are at a reverse lay in by two money out old cause to money was doing what Tom Creen logs he was cutting to the basket. So tomorrow with four points now, and Kermit Davis calls a time a 32nd time out, as Georgia now leads it by a score of 13. 10 that matches the largest lead here early in this ballgame on Dawg fans. If you need a home loan toe, sit your team and budget Rocket can Rocket mortgage is the proud mortgage partner of Georgia athletics. So the dogs up by three the SEC Big 12 challenges going on today, Georgia and Ole Miss? Obviously, South Carolina Vanderbilt are the four teams out of the SEC, not Dissipating this year early 10 teams in the big 12. We'll figure that out, so somebody gets left out in the 14 team. SEC. And this year it's the four teams that I just mentioned here's old miss with a basketball. Sure Devante Shuler will work it up the floor against Wheeler or Bellow. White has it in the circle will hand it off to Morel. Jumper is too deep off the back iron, No good, long rebound. However, right back told Miss Rebels get another crack at it. Here's Rodriguez to the rack lay in from the right side. Good. We let it go. That's his first points of the night. Luis Rodriguez 66 sophomore California He could be dangerous hopefully doesn't get to that point. Garcia is in for the dogs. Now. Andrew's doubled on the block kicks it back out to Cairo for three here. It's a scanner Energy three just right of the circle for just well, they had Andrew double team than a third defender went to him. Justin Kyra was all by himself. 16 12 Dogs by four on Katie Johnson and checked into the ball game now is called for a blocking foul. Freshman from Atlanta. And old Miss will inbound near sideline in front court down 16 to 12 dogs of going to his own to now, Scott Shuler will try to shoot over. It shoots in too deep, no good, rebound the little fellow skies in there and grabs it with two hands. Wheeler will take it. In Iraq on the other, and he's bumped going through the lane. Continuation. Maybe so I think the basket goes. Come on. They do it in county. There you go. You'll go to the line for three point play. Wheeler gets the point. And, in all fairness, you so what severe did a heat threw his body into, but that's what he's got the right to do. Fouls on Devante. Sure, that's his first foul team, second for the rebels. And Wheeler at the line. The left hander from Houston, Texas, free throw in the air. No good Tomorrow fights for the rebound. Tried to save it over the end line on he may have been out of bounds is gonna be old Miss basketball so severe, Mrs. Our first foul shot of the night. Dogs are coming off. There were shooting proof of performance of the season in that loss to South Carolina Wednesday. Far as a percentage is concerned, anyway. 15% on threes. We were 4 26 on shot. Less than 32% for the ballgame. Ole Miss Long, Deep three by barrel won't go Romelo White gets the rebound stretches that arm out finger rolls it in on the put back. He's got four and it's 18 to 14. Now. Georgia by four with the basketball Wheeler works on the left wing near side, it comes to tire tire drives off the right wing spins into the paint falls away from the basketball lost the dribble. All Miss goes to the Florida collected on their knees, and now we reach in and tie it up. On. They'll have rebels have the arrow. Alternating possession goes toe Ole Miss, and we go into a time out 11 31 on the clock half number one Georgia by four. Overall, Miss. It's the dog's 18 rebels 14 on the Bulldogs Sports Network. I love getting prices that are lower than low on food that's fresher than fresh, then Chopper Croker, we give you more ways to save on the fresh you love with.

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