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And I'm looking at right now, I'm looking at a satellite, and you can I can measure it right now. I mean, there's I mean easy six inches here. Six inches of rain at one particular point five inches of rain at one particular point towards some of the outer swells. But man, this is going to be I just want everybody to be safe. I listen follow the instructions, I guess if they're telling you to evacuate, please evacuate, and please for the love of all things. Holy. And I cannot stress this enough. Do not forget about your animals, please do not forget about your animals. Your your your pets? Don't leave them behind to where they're terrified. They're scared. Their families gone. They're running around. They just know that it's catastrophic and they have nowhere to go. I just remember in so many previous instances scene. Pups on top of roofs, and they're whining and crying because they're you know, they're left behind. Simply don't do that. Please don't do that. And if you need someone to help, please make that public and. People are there, and they're definitely will do that. So we we're going to keep an eye on this. And we just want everyone to just please everybody blue please be safe just be super safe. I just I get I get so nervous about it. This. One of these. I have to get the story with you. Because it's the politicization we were talking about normal Donald little a little bit earlier. But now. This is so stupid Sony says Spiderman is not a murderer. They say that this is a thing. Because apparently, they were worried I guess about the social Justice warrior gamers being upset. They said Spiderman doesn't kill bad guys when he kicks them off the roof of skyscrapers. What? Yeah. They're talking about the superheroes. They don't. They don't kill their enemies. They don't kill the bad guys there. I don't know why this is being there. Some people have actually expressed concern about this, which is insane to me. They of course, they're like third wave feminists that are saying, well, spider-man's committing murder and all my goodness. And so now insomniac which is a developer of a game involving Spiderman they confirmed that he never kills anyone in the game. He's a protector and for the guys that get thrown off the building. There are contingency animations weather.

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