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Posey swings any drives one high in deep left center jasmine back look it up it is Mr Posey with an exclamation point here in the third two run shot into the bleachers makes it a seven run inning for the giants and a twelve to nothing we really really remarkable funds in the first seven runs in the third and they just kept adding on a cruise field Crawford later had an RBI single a two run Homer in the sixth and then with the score seventeen to two in the ninth inning facing the the a position player turned pitcher it was mark Reynolds in Crawford hit a two run single knocking in runs numbers eighteen and nineteen to make it nineteen to do that made at the highest scoring game for the giants ever at Coors field and also gave Crawford his eight RBIs for the day the giants won that game nineteen to to so Margie got the win over mark as non game to the giants we're in a tight when nothing nothing ballgame and Derek rhetoric is back in the big leagues to make the start and the he had the two very strong innings to begin again the only hit was Tapia's ground ball that branded belt he just with Donna reaching do is right and we've seen a make that play a thousand times but he he couldn't handle it that meeting get the glove auto he went right under it the short it is a double could easily have scored as an hour there were also in the third inning a couple of more misplace one by building seem to lose a throw in the sun at first base and then the Slater in right field miss judge day fly ball went back other than dropped it and anyway so it went in that very difficult ending and yet he shrugged it off and did not allow the Rockies to score it not easy to do still nothing to nothing in the fourth inning chi chi Gonzalez up from the Rockies farm system to make the start and he kinda dazzled the giants through three but in the fourth inning Stephen vote the giants backup catcher got the offense going is to both swings in prices one deep to right field that one anyway back yeah one.

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