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Different about car, his pat his passing lanes what he's able to see where he's able to distribute the ball. Nine different receivers yesterday. Are you kidding me? Um, passing the ball around? Not only that, but his presence in the pocket is unbelievable. People who might not watch the Raiders a lot or closely might not realize it. But his patience his his ability to step up in the pocket and not be flustered. Even when the line does break down is really next level. I've always said Derek Carr is a great core A good quarterback, a very good quarterback. I didn't say he was an elite quarterback so far this year buying you can't argue he is playing like an elite quarterback, and he's telling the Raiders Get on my shoulders. I'll take you with me and the confidence is through the roof. This offense says all the confidence in the world and I also think that's extremely important. If you're just joining us. We're speaking with Scott governments, and he is the founder of Silver and Black today, talking about the big win on the road yesterday. Huge win. I don't think we're overstating it. Uh, this is a huge win. Make no mistake about it. You would be the football team that had a pretty good week one in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger, not the same quarterback. He once was, but he's still pretty darn good, but what they were able to do with him. Scott is they know that he's not very mobile. He's not not not the scrapper. He once was not the most athletic quarterback, even though he's going to be a Hall of Famer, and they put all the pressure on him in the world. They made life for Ben Roethlisberger. Miserable yesterday. Did you see how many times Roethlisberger was walking off the field, shaking his head? The negative kind of kind of the negative mannerisms yet yesterday you could see it and usually doesn't do that. He was really, really frustrated. And I think you've got to give all the credit to the radar defense for doing that. You do and you look at guys like Solomon Thomas, The guy that signed out of San Francisco former 49 or two sacks yesterday, and not only that there's a lot of we get wrapped up in the numbers around sacks with the defensive front. For football teams, but in reality, like you said, yummy times, they got to Ben Roethlisberger and took him to the ground and, you know, play after play. When that happens it wears on the quarterback, and it does impact performance, so they were able to do that You saw again yesterday. Maxx, Crosby had another game up front to you saw a lot of guys really doing things differently. Carl Nassib had another good game. And as well So so you like what you see, And I have to say this to Brian. Remember, the Raiders have been constantly pressured. Go to Lamar Jackson, Who's no slouch. You go to Ben Roethlisberger. Both those games both those winds. They pressured that quarterback and we're constantly in that defense and that offensive backfield And you know what? They've only blitzed twice right season. So they're getting pressure up front. Brian with four guys, right? Right. No question. Solomon Thomas. Let's not forget he was a top three pick out of Stanford. By the Niners. I mean, he was He ran like a 47 at the combine. He was He was a freak athlete. He had a great college career. I want to talk about Denzel Pyramid. 12 tackles Trayvon Martin, seven tackles. To pass is deflected in Jonathan Abram moved to me is playing a lot like Bob Sanders that play where click Chase. Claypool tried to jump over Jonathan Abram last year that may have been a touchdown. Abram stopped that play in its tracks, talking about those three players. Yeah, I think Well, number one. Having Perriman there in the middle and at linebacker for the Raiders is a huge thing. He's an experienced guy who knows the system and it shows right. He's very comfortable in there. He's making plays. He knows where it is not only doing that, but if you watch you can see him directing the guys who are new to the system, But they've all adopted. They've all adapted very well. Jonathan Abram was a massive question Mark. I had serious doubts. But when they moved him to box safety to a natural position where he can play better and be aggressive, that's what they needed to do. They were able to do that because they were able to go out and find safety is to play the natural position. That's what the problem was with the Raiders the last couple of years, guys was you had a defensive coordinator that wasn't very creative or motivating and not only that, but he's playing a lot of guys on a position. Jonathan Abram has benefited from moving up and doing that. And so you see that this defense man, you talk about confidence, Brian. You mentioned it with the offense on defense. This this this defense just have that you can see it already and listen, Let's face it. The Raiders are not going undefeated guys. Okay? How can you go in defeated there will have their ups and downs. But I'm telling you, the down should be a lot less significant. They shouldn't last multiple games like they did last year in that suite at the end of the season. You just like the makeup of this. You'd like the coaching staff. The mood that's been sent the culture that's been sent and you're seeing it with guys like Pyramid, Abram and then, of course, Mullen, who continues to perform at a very high level, and I think if you ask the coaching staff and you ask the fans and you said, you look at these first two games if you're able to go one and one, you'd be ecstatic with that, or at least very content or happy with that. The fact that they're going away in these first two Seems to and also I think it is incredible. It's what a start. And again, it's only two games into the season. We got a long way to go, but I think early on in this season, we have seen what this team is made of and what they're capable of. So now let's look ahead to next week. The Miami top fins didn't look too good over the weekend, They got blitzed, figuratively speaking and, well, they did get blitzed as well. They lost 35 to 0 Buffalo bills. The Dolphins looked awful. They have injuries. Now they come into Las Vegas. Now they're playing a Raider team with a ton of confidence to know is day to day, But he may play for the Raiders. You have to say there's Stuff, right? We don't. We don't want to look ahead. We don't want to take these guys for granted, but the same time. This is a game where the Raiders need to take advantage of the Dolphins team that is that is really sucking in all categories right now. They do the one area that the Dolphins are good in still and they need and I think the Raiders need to be cognizant of this, but I like the Raiders chances because of how they're playing offences. Miami is still very good about takeaways on defense. Their defense is tough, right? Um Jerome Baker is a good good linebacker. You have Brandon Jones and safety. They have a good defense. I think that's the core..

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