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Here in the twin cities overnight down to twenty six forty two fifty two would by tuesday votes what you degrees at your traffic and weather in my talk what a seven one come here baghdad my doctor updates a quick look at what's happening dug up a lot of good third on i taught my listener more back ellen page tore into xmen the last stand director uh him of sexually harassing her and outing her name lesbian at a time when she was not prepared to come out this happened when page uh uh and she said retina pointed at another woman and told page during a cast and crew meet and greet you should blank her to make her realize she's gag page said quote he added me with no regard for my wellbeing and act we all recognize as homophobic and her excellent coast are at a pack when backs this story up pro away and i know we do need and janja and she writes about some other things in this lengthy phase where pro said she her biggest regret is doing the woody allen movie all yes mike women work with him i don't know either yagudin and former small phil actress allison mack who played cart girlfriend movin is allegedly second in command of a sex cold than we talked about this at a drag pool we won it next the yes so the call which is are dealing west is allegedly a secret society for the highest ranking female members within the selfhelp in october the new york times reported of a secret sorority that uh starve them and beat them if they didn't recruit enough quote slaves and dynasy actress catherine ox oxen beans claimed is being held captive by this cold it's it's scary there is another bigs yet if i saw knock szemberg the with the jazz tweak and she's just frantic without trying to get the authorities to help her greater daughter is over eighteen yet canton nepal hi this allison mac has introduced corporal punishment in open shots the leader so bad news there well let's switch gears and talk about taylor's two new genes finally out today yes to tell you all about it and on the track this is why we can have nice things she allegedly seeming kanye west for being to face the song has the following lyrics it was so nice being friends again there i was giving you a second chance but you stabbed me while.

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