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Whatever you need katie. Smith has got it kevin. How are you my friend ryan. Good to talk to you again man. It's been a while. I've missed you buddy. Nine months you have done this since since the really awful taste in the mouth. The playoff loss. So yeah i gotta tell you. That's that's absolutely crazy. But you and. I look forward to this forum and getting the hear from you. Because i'm the hype. Man you know that i just spout off a lot of stuff. It's feeling it's it's fun it's weird stats like what pittsburgh steeler quarterback duel had razor commercials back in the seventies. And if you don't know that might crew second terry bradshaw. I know that dumb stuff but you know things like cover two schemes. And that's why we talk to you because when it comes to the pittsburgh steelers you guys know this team like you know your high school team. So how's everything going my friend. It's going great. We're back in the swing and you know watching college football over the weekend. Getting excited doing some. you know. We're two games into our high school season already. So i mean i feel like man is football season so all we need steelers complete it. So i understand that You've got the nasty words. Scoreless this year So far so good. Man our defenses Pitch the couple shutouts in the first two games. So we're playing a little like seventy six steelers founded a you know i. I thought that that was He didn't they start the season with three that year and they wound up. It's five something like that. I mean they were. That was an incredible defense at seven. Yeah they they were awesome. They they actually started off. Started off with a rough year and Just ended it fantastic. So i would have to look that up but is it like a no hitter though. Is it like when you just don't talk about the The shutouts ono. We talked about all the time. I guess that's just a matter of pride you know. We were actually angry because in the opener nobody crossed midfield on us in the in the second game they they made it to like our forty so we talked about a new. Let's see let's not not just let's get no point. Let's keep them out of the red zone so we'll see you know you go one week at a time like everything else. Well i tell you what the your post your postgame speeches. I would love to hear him. But i would really love to hear game speech. So what i'm going to do here is try to figure out. What pre game speech for you would be for the pittsburgh steelers this week. So that's one of the things. I'm gonna ask you in a little bit. What they need to do. And how you would motivate this team but lots of interesting things going on. And of course i mean. Nothing's bigger than the news that we got on thursday with t. J. watt allegedly walking into the. Rooney's office and saying you've gotta deal my agents. Take it up with them. But you've gotta deal. I'm throwing them under the bus. I'm going back to practice. What were your thoughts when you heard that. Because there's been some people saying that might not be completely true could be a little bit fabricated but if it's true. I'm lovin kevin. Yeah if it's true. That sort of raises his status in the pantheon of great steelers because it just sort of gives that everyman quality even those get eighty million guaranteed dollars man with eighty million. Guaranteed going into your pockets. But the idea that it's time to get back to work with. My boys is very appealing to the fan base. Of course but i think the thing that i loved about it and i don't know if it's true either but is the whole notion of overruling the agents because to me. The agents are just a problem. I know that they have a functioning a job to do. And i understand that. They're there for their client and i also understand that if you're an nfl player your your shelf. Life is short and you need to maximize your profitability as much as possible. I don't. I don't begrudge these guys for trying to get every dollar that they can but oftentimes really feels like things could be just cleaner and healthier if the agents were removed. Maybe i'm maybe. I'm speaking because i i bought. I bought a house recently and And the middlemen in that process were so frustrating that i'm jaded by that but to hear him to hear the story that he overruled his agents. Walk into the office and said let's get this done. So i could get back to work is just very appealing and you know what i believe in santa claus. The easter bunny the tooth fairy. I'm believing in this story. I told jeff. Hartmann and dave scofield on the the steelers preview that i don't even think about that. I'm going to believe this gospel. And that's what i'm going with. I'm i'm putting my fan hat on on this one. So i'm really excited but i gotta tell you there's this is welcome news because when you saw the injury report on thursday it included for the second day in a row when alex highsmith so what does t. J. watt coming back to this team in the with the sense though that he has not practiced he has been in conditioning. He has been present the entire time. But how much difference does that make kevin. I will be surprised. If he's visibly out of shape that he is a extremely conscientious of his work habits of i think he's the kind of guy that like. He would never allow himself to enter an nfl game knowing that he was out of shape because he takes care of his body he we just look at it craft work. I see is technique when you look at him as a pass rusher. That's a guy that his drill bet stuff over and over and over and over again he can do it in his sleep. He's a master craftsman and it would shock me if he hasn't been diligent with that work on the side. Now again i understand that. It's not the same as live reps. But i don't know if a guy In his situation needs quite as many live rupp especially since scheme hasn't changed. There's really been no appeal on the defensive side of the football so learning curve. You know that's not going to really be an issue. So i i don't know if it's gonna be mid season form but i don't think it's going to be one of those things where were in the late in the third quarter and we're looking at tj. We're like oh no know. The lay offs is really hurting. Right now ingram. I wonder about a little bit more. You know. I wonder what kind of how many reps can he take Is he gonna be able to. If highsmith can't go as ingram or younger going to be able to play a sixty minutes. That's very interesting and glad you brought that up. It's very nice knowing that ingram is in there as well and look you also might see some action out from the isaac redman award winner. Jamir jones as well. Let me ask you about him. Real quick as we're getting ready to go into this. Is this guy we we've seen this movie in the past we've seen the twos are skippers. Just show off in in the second. Half of preseason games but jerry jones jamir jones. Excuse me he seemed to have shown up throughout the entire preseason product process in the first couple quarters which is an even bigger deal is..

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