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I was one of those new people once hauling down. I Seventy Five Kentucky. For the first time this was the late eighty s and difficult to understate the hunger for the human voice among your average truckdriver back. Then I mean you had your. Cb RADIO WHATEVER AM FM stations. You could pick up. Maybe a few verbal jabs from the forklift driver three hundred miles back and that was about it. Waitstaff Petite Kentucky truck stops understood that Unger all too well twenty below the sirens of the sea. Change that Drellich one dollar something about the way they called you honey. Just through the Yankee boys and like flies. Promise not to mention that one special. That's always on the menu and drivers. Don't forget homemade name. Manner Pudding can get you dislike of we free at these places all along. This stretch is seventy five over today on the show. We're going to settle once and for all the question of who started this. Whole manner pudding thing big. I'm taking you on a tour of my favorite Kentucky truck stops in here to exit talking about those little mom and pop operations that are still holding out against the big chains. The kind of places that used to have phones at each table and might not even have gas pumps just diesel. We're going to hit up. Three of these stops working our way south from exit seventy six to exit. Sixty two and finely exit forty nine. So sit tight. I'm long-haul Paul appearances. Radio Topiary and overdrive magazine. This is over the row..

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