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Graham, WW J, NewsRadio nine thank you t and your AccuWeather forecast for the rest of your Saturday. Let's bring in meteorologist Carl babinski. He's at the family, heating, cooling and electrical weather center. This Saturday morning will bring increasing and thickening clouds, and it'll be quite chilly. Low twenty six later today. Cloudy, a little rain is likely late this afternoon, the high forty three tonight, we'll have a few periods of rain, there could even be a thunderstorm. Temperatures will hold in the forties. Some high winds expected tomorrow Sunday, and it'll turn colder. There'll be a couple of showers of rain, followed by wet snow wind gusts of up to fifty or even fifty five miles per hour may lead to damage of trees and power lines. The high forty six early the temperatures will fall into the thirties, brisk and much colder, Monday, high twenty seven and Tuesday radical Audi and cold high twenty six. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist curb Levinsky on W w j NewsRadio nine fifty. It is clear skies in twenty eight degrees in the city of Detroit metro airport. You're at twenty nine degrees. Under clear skies Lansing. You're clear in twenty nine Pontiac. Good morning to you, mostly clear and twenty-seven that part of Oakland County and Arbor you're clear and twenty eight that is traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the it's your next update. Just ahead at twelve twenty eight or on demand at W, W J, NewsRadio dot com. W w j news time twelve twenty one hour WW Jay black history month moment takes us to Idyllwild Michigan. That's just ahead. Stay with us. Can't predict when bad weather or a building issues will close schools..

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