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Some of their favorite comedians Elizabeth Blair NPR news Montreal it's morning edition from NPR news hi Rachel Martin and I'm no well king and you're listening to morning edition on KCRW now this from KCRW news a federal judge has agreed to give California officials two weeks to sort out the competing proposals to seize control of Pacific gas and electric KCRW Lehrer Parral reports investors and the utility say they think the state should **** out governor Newsome's administration and state regulators requested the time yesterday to work with P. G. an E. and two groups of investors want to take over the troubled utility PGA any file for bankruptcy in the billions of dollars in liabilities from recent wildfires its equipment may have cost in twenty seventeen and eighteen the U. S. bankruptcy judge's decision came after lawyers for Newsome and state regulators requested the time to consider the best plan to resolve P. genies bankruptcy case by next June PGD has the exclusive right to submit a plan for paying off its debts and re organize its finances but a group of insurance companies and a group of PGD bondholders want to present their own proposals the jurors plan proposes wildfire claims against P. Jeannie would be converted into new stock providing for a sizeable ownership of the company shares in a well funded trust for wild fire victims the bond holders have offered at least sixteen billion dollars to pay wildfire claims as part of a deal that would give them a majority stake in the company state officials say they want to allow competition so they can consider the best plan for California ratepayers for KCRW I'm Larry Parral somewhere in.

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