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Than twenty twenty hit and It was one of those things where racist didn't cancel all over the world and nobody was doing anything and then So i started running a lot. I mean the gyms were closed So i just found myself. I'll just running around and then memorial daily forrest. Gump yeah legitimately. I got up. And i started running ident stop stop. I rubber. It was memorial day of last year. just to kind of give myself a challenge. i did. Let's see the saturday of memorial day weekend. I ran a mile fast. I couldn't broke five minute bio for the first time in my life. I ran a four minute video a second on saturday which was awesome. I was excited about that. So the next day i was like well. Let's see. i ran the fastest ever life. Let's see if. I can run the most miles. I've ever done in my life. So that's sunday doing fifty k. So little over thirty miles Just in the neighborhood. Just running. As far as i can around town here and did that in about four hours and sixteen twenty minutes. Something like that So pretty competitive time for fifty k. time So i was like okay. That's douse a lot of fun to. And then. I came the next day on monday. I did I don't know if you're familiar with the bumble. Royal day murph murphy birth that one day and to play destroy myself that whole weekend but it was It it it kind of it was something that during covid it was a challenge in the then i caught the the altar running bug and i always sworn myself i would never do an ultra reysen october of last year. I ended up doing a thirteen hour. Do as many laps around a three mile for trailers. You can in thirteen hours. And i finished in second place and ended up doing almost seventy thousand thirteen hours and So obviously i crossed the finish line. After that us said what's next so i had the almost the olympic gold medal mindset of like i've reached the top here. What do i do next. Yeah yeah so..

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