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Time 5 o'clock i'm chris miller on your official weather station wwl am fm andcom now we're talking cold even snow in the forecast for north of the lake water gonna see those temperatures fall from the upper 40s into the mid to upper thirty's for the morning temperature so the rain that falls we'll be mixed in with snow and sleet on the northshore south of lake mostly rain but it could be see a couple of flurries but no accumulations on the south shore expected channel four chief meteorologist carlier dondo's pinpoint forecast including a winter weather advisory starting at nine p m is on the way some schools or even closing tomorrow in anticipation of the weather details online at wwlcom snow is in the forecast in judging by social media trends today a few who'd at stake that may hold the key to how successful the saints may be the season the notion is that the last time that it snowed in new orleans it was during the two thousand nine football season when the saints won their first thirteen games and also a little game called super bowl forty four national weather service meteorologist alex crowd men confirms it from before two thousand nine uh that was the last time defeating new orleans had a small amount of now grab and says they don't think there's any link between meteorology in the saint success but he also says the does snow the coming days he wouldn't mind seeing the saints established that trend it is a game saints fans have been waiting for all season it's the first of two meetings between the black and gold in the hated dirty birds wwl nfl analyst mike.

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