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Conservative circus. I am your Ring Master James T. Harris. Last week. We had Professor Ellen Woman. He's a law professor. At issue. We had him in the centre ring. The This was right before he headed off. The court is trying to sue Governor Doug Ducey. He's back to catch us up. And I think that Ah, apparently of Mr Woman Ah, you didn't get a mini straight answers from the people who could have shed some light on this whole situation. What did you learn from your appearance in court? Well, thanks again for having me And I guess that's right. I didn't get straight answers, but I think if he enters I expected, so let me catch you up on this. You know, One big issue in our case is the non delegation doctrine Can the Can The governor basically act like the Legislature and make all these important policies for for an indefinite period of time. And so when I had Dr Chris on the stand, I tried to get her to say, When will this emergency be over? Or at least went in these restrictions on bars and gyms? And so on. When can those be repealed? The executive order is supposed to be considered for repeal every two weeks. Turns out the governor hasn't considered hasn't talked to Dr Krista about it. It's August 10 in two months, right? Oh, wait. It's supposed to be every two weeks and this hasn't been asked his since the 10th of August. Right. So so Executive Order $2020.52, which extended executive order 2020 43, which was that second lock down. The restrictions it says, shall be considered for repeal or revision every two weeks since they promulgated the guidelines. You know that bars and gyms have to follow on August 10. They haven't considered repealing it. And so then I asked. Look, you know these Basically these restrictions. They're strangling our businesses. Right? We had a plaintiff, Ah, bar owner of in Sedona, who said if we follow them, literally to the teeth right? Everyone has ever butt in a seat. 6 ft. Apart. That creates 18% capacity. Bars and restaurants, by the way, aren't designed to operated 18% capacity like so we're hemorrhaging money so we can't go on indefinitely. So I asked Dr Chris So based on your own benchmarks, right? Your department's own benchmarks, percent positivity cases. 100,000 coping like illness is in the hospital. When will this When will this be over? If there in minimal transmission for eight weeks? Will you tell the governor to repeal the order? No. Can't say hard to predict hard to predict. Can't say, you know, And so basically, it's gonna go on forever and ever and ever until The Legislature terminates this which which they may never let me put it this way. If I may I know I'm talking about one. Okay. This is kind of like to think back in March or April. Okay, There's a declaration of emergency. We're not saying the governor couldn't have shut down the state that okay, that's like declaring. An emergency when there's an impending hurricane, But then the hurricane comes, it goes and the emergency over it's over. Now, Maybe there's a bad hurricane season and you have to declare another emergency because there's another hurricane. Maybe that's what happened in July with Spike in case is OK, but the governor has basically done Well, there's an impending hurricane coming to declare an emergency. And then I'm going to declare an emergency and act like a lawmaker for all of hurricane season or all of fire season. You know, the fact that it's fire season doesn't mean you get to act like a Legislature. The fact that it's hurricane season doesn't mean you get emergency powers. Right. At some point. This has to end We've met our objective. OK, our objective We have 13 14 weeks of decline in case is declining. All of these benchmarks. We met our objective. Now, remember the businesses that have been sacrificed in order to meet that objective and tell us when it tell us one of the little end and they couldn't do that. They couldn't do that. We have Professor Ellen Woman in the Centre ring other conservative circus. He is representing the bar owners in the state. In a lawsuit against Lord Juicy to get things opened about that you get the sense Professor Indecent, said. These scientists are at all embarrassed about the lack of science. Well, let me put it this way. No one could ask. I ask Dr Chris, you know, I asked Dr Vessel. Who's the other expert, You know, from better health, you know, Has any case of coronavirus been traced to a bar here in Arizona? And they said, no, We don't have that data. We don't have that data. Well, how do you know? You know that that bars you know, spread coronavirus. Well, you know, I go to bars and Their cramped indoor spaces off and I'm like, Well, can you ballpark for me? How many of the 2000 bars in Arizona have cramped indoor spaces? No, We have no idea. In fact, the majority of bars that their expert went to last year had outdoor patio. You know, like, where do they get this stuff? What do you mean bars of cramped indoor spaces? Yes, Some dude. Just like some restaurants do right. What You mean Bart had exceeding some do some. Don't Most of my clients don't have exceeding, you know they could Moved around and they could mark the father. I mean, it's just ridiculous. And then the other thing is the other thing is no one is willing to talk about the summer demonstrations. What you would think it's important, Okay? You think it's important for you to make an opinion, a scientific opinion that the increase in cases and subsequent decline was due to bars being open engines being open and subsequently closed? You think it would be important to exclude from your analysis? Other potential causal factors. And no one was willing to give an opinion on the contribution of mass demonstrations, even though they're experts said, Yeah, those are high risk event. And I said, Well,.

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