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And until and waiting to run for office this year statewide office this year Because now you can actually hit the road. Can actually go out and campaign in front of people. And and go to luncheons for you know, the local Rotary club, and all of that is that kind of your plan is to you know, being in retail retail politicking. Retail politicking is going to be part of it for sure, we're going to have a very strong social media and digital presence. But you know, I'm a little bit old school in that sense, I I like I said, I grew up going to job sites with my dad for him since I was seven. I'm used to seeing people's face to face and talking with them and understanding. You know what they're going through, because that's what I grew up with. I'd prefer to be out on the road and, you know, winning each and every vote door to door person to person. Guests. Zach King Tero. He's running for the state auditor's job, which is not until, uh A year from November. The Primaries will be about a year from now, but it's always always a good idea to get your hat in the ring it and let people know because you know you got to develop name it. You don't have Huge name I d in New Mexico. Well, I think the name it you know, that's that's an excellent point, You know, having my my background coming from an organizing standpoint and being involved with labor at an early age, right down in Los Truth and advocating for human rights, that's where I felt, you know, strong and lasting connections that are Go with me to this day, but I'm bringing together a statewide coalition here, Richard, we know we have over 35 endorsement statewide with state legislators from the House, Senate County Commissioner City councilors, mayors I'm trying to find the dogcatcher but you know keeps, you know Don't be. Don't be little, the dogcatcher. No, no, I'm not gets a serious issue. Animal control's important I understand you got to pick up that John, who's dead in the middle of the road at one AM, Nobody wants that job or or you can help find a forever home like my dog rescues. You know, that's that's another piece. So you know, I guess being the president of young Democrats in New Mexico, you developed a network. Yes. A strong and lasting network. What for? Nothing. Yep, Statewide not just for organizers, but also for consistent volunteers that you don't want to see structural change happen for the party and also for the state. You know, this is everything from labor to small business owners. Folks that you know, are actively involved in government want to make sure it's done, you know. Active, which you know it. It's one of those one of those elected positions. Zach State auditor that a lot of people don't know what they do, but it's very important and I think some notoriety some publicity. Some light was shined on it when Hector Balderas had the job, then went on to be a G. Tim Keller took it up and it was very proactive until he decided he need to run for mayor. Brian Cullen has done a lot lot of investigation in that office as well. It can do great work, and it is critical. Like you said to make sure that our money isn't getting wasted or stolen. Or, you know, squandered away. I mean, the fact that You and M and the pit in the Lobo Club was not investigated for years. And then all of a sudden, all of this, All this dirt came out like, Oh, my God. It's like nobody's nobody's paying any attention. Yeah, well, and that's where I think we need to have more than just a watchful eye. But having those systems in place like I mentioned the local fund advocate, folks often associate the auditor's office as well, Just historically with Public funds and corruption and you know that's fair to associated with. It has a very important role to do with that. But it can also serve as a great, you know, System review for how we invest our money. Whether or not that are otherwise meeting both equity. And making sure that that money is being able to be having a multiplier effect for our economy and our workers. Now it's not as important as water, but money is pretty important. No messy because, well, we cannot afford for two wasted and squandered. We have to make it work for us. Um, Zach, it sounds like you're pretty well organized already. I do You have a website yet? The campaign. I did it, Yeah. So folks can visit www dot BQ for nm dot com. So it's the Q F o r n m dot com. And check out our bio and I would encourage them to learn a little bit more about us reach out to us become involved. And hey, if you like what we have to say, and you want to be part of what we're about to go through to donate as well. All right. So this will be your going to privately financed this whole thing. Take it out of nations, right? Yep. This is how that works right now. You know, I will be pushing for public funding for, um, You know the long road down right down the road, but I think a larger conversation that the feds will also be part of Well, listen, um I think it's exciting to have somebody your age who was so excited about this wants to serve the people in New Mexico and you're in your organized. You've got ideas. You have an incredible amount of experience for somebody your age. I don't want to, you know, saying, Well, you're just a young person, but I mean, I'm just very impressive. Did you pass the bar? So that's the other piece as soon as the pandemic immediately conflicted with the examination date in the process, and I wanted to be very careful about that focused strictly an administrative law. Okay, so I did administrator on focusing on civil rights. Issues on on that investigative piece within the ombudsman side, and I've seen how the transformational impact administrative wall has. I knew that already from my studies, and when I specialized in the constitutional rights Administrative law. How long are carried out for everyday people is incredibly powerful, and that's what this office can do. It can transform that for education for health care again for our elders and our seniors and 88 communities and folks. I need a fighter for them. So that's what I'm looking to earn their vote on. Would you consider taking the bar when the time is right when you have time? I mean, you gotta study for that, so you don't want to fail it. Of course, Of course, you know I'm a I'm a strong, strong believer. And you've got to commit 100% something like that. And I would want to have that be the primary focus. I do want to share as well. You know, Hector Balderas, I believe was 32. When he took on this off. Good point, So I It's not a stranger to a young person at all. It's not a stranger to folks that have worked hard for new Mexicans and have focused ideas that can help everyday new Mexicans. And that's what I'm looking to carry over and bring that excitement, energy and commitment to that. So I'm running as a proud nerd with a strong background and as a problem, a proud to learn from Macia, who has a whole hell of a lot more hair than Hector ever had. Um okay. No, that that was. That wasn't fair. Do me a favor, And when you get elected or you know, if you can, can we outlaw the plumber's crack You probably saw enough of those growing up. It's like Yeah, I'm with you. We got to get rid of that. I don't think that's something you can legislate Richard, but it is something that I think that we can be able to have a more fun conversation and part of the later date. That's the luck, man. Come back anytime you want. You know where to find me. Best of luck with the campaign. Be very, very careful driving around in Mexico. Although man that's like it's like the best get to get out. Get some hours under you Drive around New Mexico and meet the people out out in the little communities. That's that's like the best part. Yeah, I completely agree. And that's why I'm looking forward to the most thing familiar on the on the trail and you know, that's in fact why we named our campaign him paperwork instead. Oh, so this is the people's campaign. This is a workers' families and Community advocates campaign people that are putting the work in tirelessly every day. They deserve to have somebody fighting for them and making sure that money spent right Jack again. The website is W w dot VQ at the lar And.

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