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Hey rubik's robot solved a puzzle and point three eight seconds it was so fast that they had to use a slow motion cameras to catch it all my son is a rubik's cube genius he give him one he just like two and a half three minutes is knocked out click click click click and my both of them are now getting really fast i'm give me a rubies cube is sit there for weeks on there we get soft oh by the way if you're alexa was laughing out loud well they're working on a fix so some users have been saying that it's been laughing all of a sudden and some reported the outburst happened after it was asked to turn on the lights so did someone do a little programming they shouldn't who knows but if your devices laughing at you you're not alone this should not come as a surprise audit is found the department homeland security let me say this again an audit finds the department of homeland security's security is insecure no kidding it's a us government really in an agency wide audit tallied valuation department homeland security information security program for fiscal two thousand seventeen it's incredible here based on the skill five possibly purity levels want ad hoc to defined three consistently implemented for managed in measurable in five optimized department monistic information security program rooted three in three of five areas shy passing grade of level for they fell short of implementing various configuration settings software updates didn't monitor software licenses didn't patch vulnerabilities why am i not surprised.

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