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Following dot clip from serial killers. We see Bundy. Use Physical violence to abduct Linda. Healy in the dead of night and Linda wouldn't be Bundy's last sleeping victim. He would go on to attack other women while they slept years. After however most of Bundy's victims were abducted not while unconscious and through physical force but via his unique ability to charm them into trusting him. He could lure his victims into his car without the use of a weapon or threats he simply set the trap and they stepped inside. But what happens when the captor isn't just one charismatic man but an entire band armed and violent criminals in our next clip from podcast original female criminals will discuss the abduction of Indian outlaw poodle on Davey but before she was the bandit queen. Davey was a low-caste woman who was married off as a child bride to an abusive alter mad Davey endured nearly a year of sexual and physical abuse before escaping at age twelve but her suffering was only just beginning. When she returned to her village she was turned away. Her family claim that by abandoning her husband and she shamed them. She spent the next four years as an outcast. Enduring endless gossip brutal rapes and imprisonment for a crime. She possibly did not commit and so when their village was raided by violent gang of bandits and David was taken. She had little chance to escape. Her only objective was to survive. Some accounts. Say That Phoolan's family received a letter from the gang threatening to kidnap her or cut off her nose as punishment for the indiscretions of which she had been accused others suggest her cousin. Maya Din or his father paid the bandits to take her and yet others claim. She left the village of her own accord. Phoolan said she agreed to let them kidnap her when the bandits threatened to take her brother instead either way. The end result was the same in nineteen seventy nine. A group of men armed with assault rifles came after Phoolan just after midnight. They took her from the village. She was forced deep into the labyrinthine ravines that trail across Utah. Daesh like fine spider webs. The BANDIT LEADER. Babu Jar was as cruel as his reputation. Suggested for three days he raped and tortured her to prove his power over her rape has been used as a political tool. Since before the rule of Genghis Khan and it is still used today to bend women communities and cultures into submission. Amnesty International has begun keeping records of sexual war crimes carried out across the world from the Japanese Comfort. Women of World War Two two army and paramilitary groups in Colombia using sexual violence against rebels to allegations against the United States of sexual abuse against prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. It is a ubiquitous and horrible. Human rights violation that happens almost everywhere in the world and the perpetrators often try to claim that the woman's sexuality or potential sexuality somehow led to their rape sexual. Gratification is rarely the true reason rape is carried out reports by Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International State that systematic rape is often used as part of the strategy of ethnic cleansing allowing one ethnic group to redraw ethnic boundaries and exert social control over another. It's rarely about the woman but instead about what she represents women take care of their communities so to break down those communities oppressors. Break their women. After torturing Phoolan Babu Gujjar Yanked her from man to man and the gang asking who wanted a taste of the Sudreau woman you might recall that Sudras or Choudhry is the name given to the laborer cast in India as it had always been in her life. Phoolan's cast dictated even how she could be treated when kidnapped by bandits. Hope of escape was useless. She was considered a ruined woman. After all one who had lingered too long at the fringes of a society that had rejected her. There's no indication that any one and Phoolan's village tried to rescue her as we learned from that clip from female criminals while the exact objective behind Davies kidnapping is unclear. It was likely politically or ideologically motivated. As a member of the Sutra Davey represented India's lower caste and taking her prisoner and abusing her was symbolic a greater cultural tension and India. At the time these actions sent a very clear message about the sooner people's place among other castes baboo jar most likely use davies abuse as a reminder to his men about where they fell on India's ancient hierarchy and what could happen less they forget it was a brutal introduction to debut new life among bandits but soon she would turn the tables after Bobooh jar was murdered by one of his men. Another member of the lower caste daddy would slowly gather more power in the gang until finally assuming control herself. She would continue to lead the band about loss for years until an infamous village massacre in Nineteen eighty-one pool on Davies kidnapping demonstrates how duck shins can be representative of a larger social or cultural idea. But what about when? A captors motivations are less abstract. What happens when it's all about money coming up? We discussed the nineteen sixty three Prophet Kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Junior podcast listeners. 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Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the show. So far we've seen abduction cases fueled purely by sexual sadism and those used to send a political or cultural message but sometimes kidnapping are carried out. Not so much out of pleasure or principle but for the sake of cold hard cash in our final clip from podcast original hostage bill delve into the circumstances surrounding the infamous kidnapping up Frank Sinatra Junior. The son of legendary Crooner Frank Sinatra in nineteen sixty three nine thousand nine year old frank. Junior and aspiring singer himself was kidnapped from his hotel room in Lake Tahoe where he was performing at a local casino. But his captors weren't interested in brutalizing a young Sinatra or sending gruesome message. They wanted frank senior Japan a steep ransom for sun. Safe return to the tune of what would amount to over two million dollars today. It was a classic case of profit kidnapping but the captors best laid plans would go awry. Berries idea was to make the kidnapping seemed like a robbery. Gone wrong to cover up his premeditation. Confuse the police. They wouldn't know to look for someone with a relationship to the Sinatra family. If they thought the kidnappers were just a couple of garden. Variety Muggers continuing. The performance berry acted as if he was about to leave the dressing room then changed his mind and announced he'd be taking one of the men with him. He addressed junior as you with dark hair as if he had no idea. He was looking at Frank Sinatra junior in the flesh. Of course this made no sense. Juniors name was displayed in lights on the casinos marquee. Nobody would ever believe that. A couple of muggers wandered in with no idea who was playing that night and just happened to kidnap a Sinatra The two amateur kidnappers tied John. Fos Up with adhesive tape in order him not to move for ten minutes then they left with junior and without berries gun berry blushing had to go back to the dressing room to retrieve the gun. His nerves had already gotten the best of him five minutes into the kidnapping. Perhaps if it hadn't been for his belief that God had blessed this mission he would have given up right then and there somehow Berry Joe managed to spirit junior in the gun out of the dressing room and into their car. They laid him down on the back seat and covered his is. The snow was falling faster. Now and Berry was worried. About leaving Tahoe. Before Jon Fosse could get the cops on his tail there one saving grace. John had no way of knowing what kind of car they were driving. But a trust up Sinatra in the backseat would look pretty suspicious. Berry made a split second decision to do something that wasn't in the plan. Ask for the victims. Cooperation Berry turned around and explain the situation to his hostage if they wanted to leave. Tahoe without running into a hail of police bullets. They'd have to look like a trio of friends just out for pleasant drive. He picked the right guy. Frank Junior wasn't exactly upset about the robbery. As a matter of fact the nineteen year old was totally unafraid of his captors. He quickly agreed to play along believing that he was only going to be held hostage long enough for the muggers to escape with twenty dollars. Probably the only person willing to believe that Berry had no idea who we'd robbed. Was there victim. Junior sat up cheerfully introduced himself and even suggested that. Berry take his iconic signet Pinky ring. If he kept it on somebody might recognize him. It might seem odd to us. Peons that a ring could be so recognizable as to give junior away but the ring was famous and easily recognizable at the time. Especially given the junior was slated to sing concert. Just a few miles up the road.

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