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Immigration laws. The e oh also adds increased surveillance of the facility the county hoping to learn more about ISIS activities at the airport at Boeing field. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. King County executive Constantine. And the department of homeland security have not responded to our request for comment and the man arrested. In connection to five ATM explosions around the south sound face to Thurston county. Judge today. Jason Godley pleaded not guilty in court. He's charged with militias placement of an explosive device arson theft and looting police after the explosion on April. Fourth at a drive up ATM at Columbia, Bank, Lacey souls was suspected in several similar cases, including the bombing of a Wells Fargo ATM and Tacoma, April ninth his trial is expected to begin in June missing evidence. The latest twist in a cost overrun lawsuit involving the new highway ninety nine tunnel. Komo's Bill O'neil has more steel pipe was blamed for the breakdown in two year. A pair of the machine used dig the tunnel leading to a six hundred plus million dollar lawsuit filed against the state of Washington more than five years later fragments from that pipe was well as a journal kept by the project manager have disappeared. The Seattle times reports the judge did not find the contractors intentionally lost the evidence. But also said it was not innocent accidental. The judge in the case is criticizing the group in calling for yet to be determined sanctions against Seattle tunnel. Partners contractors blame the state for the delay. The state insist the machinery stall is not its fault. Anything awarded to the contractors would be on top of the nearly one and a half billion dollars being paid through the contract likely to be paid through the gasoline. Tax Bill O'neil, KOMO news. Komo news time nine ten right now. Then in San Diego Padres lead the Mariners four to two in the bottom of the sixth inning and from the Harley exteriors sports desk. Komo's Bill Swartz has more on today's blockbuster trade between the Seahawks and chiefs. Multiple sources report the hawks are sending their top pass rusher. Frank Clark to Kansas City for the chiefs first round draft choice number twenty nine overall Seattle now is to fix the twenty eighth future. Second believed to be devoid pick from a couple of weeks ago the Kansas City Chiefs received while sending their own franchise pass rusher to the forty Niners. And then a swap of third round picks, NFL dot com z and report says Kansas City will also sign Frank Clark to a long term deal. Five years one. One hundred five million dollars. Clark leads Seattle. With thirteen sacks last season. He was due to make seventeen million here with the franchise. So now the Seattle can use some of that money to hopefully, get long-term deals done with Bobby Wagner and defensive lineman. Jarran Reed who by the way, underwent sports. Hernia surgery this morning, but should be ready to go for training camp. Sports updates at ten and forty after the hour. Bill Swartz on the home of the huskies. Komo news pass for is all about delivering a great night's sleep. So can make a feeling good ready to take on whatever the day. Throws your way stepped in a puddle extra pair of shoes in your bag flat tire. It's a gorgeous day to walk to work..

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