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Can you can have this kind of immediate influence and power and being a freshman member of Congress it's just great products well I like the good the Betsy Ross sneaker and stick it right we're the sun don't shine to Mister wow okay take a size thirteen yeah phone if you're in the correct position the sun don't shine there only you would know that because the resume that position so many on the show as a seven fifteen over dress for the first the king of all traffic Lugnuts tons of four still clear coming off the bay bridge on fifty looking live at the Severn river bridge keep in mind we have problems earlier on the PW parkway south felt the accident near NASA Goddard was there for a while it's still very slow as you're traveling through there and of course every traffic self anywhere around power mill road on ninety five one of the normal delays of course on the capital beltway the inner loop at Central Avenue the outer loop going around from New Hampshire Avenue to the Mormon temple the beltway locally again about same story they're pretty typical ride though even the west side is moved down just a bit and right now he's in the area just around liberty road and then moving south from there towards down to the rapid route forty west J. affects at last check was still okay with a little bit of a slow down but not much after northern part way through the ranch downtown and of course our normal delays south on the approaches to both the harbour tunnels I'm Chuck would occur with traffic and weather first we'll talk radio six eighty WCBS value weather channel forecast we get back to the heat and humidity today with the chance of a shower thunderstorm.

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