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About getting married and see johnny carson getting divorced and all of that stuff and saying women get half that's bullshit no women get half and woman goes that's right and he goes now that's bullshit and it was like he was going to that next level whereas i oh now this guy is going to you know start saying what he thinks about all this stuff because you know the delirious was amazing but it was you know ralph kramden having sexual you know yeah yeah do all that stuff and then all of a sudden he was like seeing this guy finding his voice and and then i mean who knew that i would go see him and that that was actually like the federal yeah well i think when he did that the thing at the end of raw was the thing i saw you know as when i was young and it went well he's just by himself you might as well be by himself in his room you know what i mean it was like he went into this other place you know it wasn't like jokes you know what i mean it was like and he he's talking and he just went to this place and and the thing i i'm never as funny the funniest i'll ever be is in the lunchroom with my friends and they were all funnier than me you know i mean everybody high school this is funny than i was way funnier than me and i still see those guys and they'll just like they'll send me a tax about one of my friends hated three billboards at movie in his tax made me laugh harder than anything that i've read any comedian i know all i do is hang around with comedy people and i'll and i'm like what you know he works at a window store and oklahoma simply is so funny or just how they live their life i got a buddy of mine joe derosa was open and for me and you know it was after the show he didn't boston i got on my boss fred's you know hanging out or whatever at one of my buddies offered to buy a round of drinks are all ordering drinks and my buddy jo ordered a white russian and my friend was just done.

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