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Fifty five degrees tomorrow mostly sunny and pleasant a high of seventy eight it is sixty seven degrees. CBS news up to a federal judge across this is actor Felicity Huffman now has a chance to rebuild her life the first he has to spend fourteen days in jail for her role in a college admissions cheating scandal CBS news correspondent Carter Evans when the judge handed down that prison time of fourteen days the court room was dead silent politically happened because been actor William H. Macy wisteria had their own pace he didn't even look like you want everybody to be in shock is not just prison time for Huffman he also will be on probation for a year after a in thirty thousand dollar fine which is twice the amount incidentally he paid to have the answer on her daughter college entrance exam corrected the scandal erupted in March when ringleader William Rick singer admitted to running an elaborate system which range from cheating on exams to bribes a total of fifty one people have been charged CBS news update on Sam lead singer. WTMJ news time four thirty two from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center Wisconsin is trying out from a wet week of weather rusty Milberg's in the W. T. M. J. breaking news center with more John flooding remains concern across parts of southeast and southwest Wisconsin where flood warnings remain in effect parts of Kenosha and Walworth counties of read Steve over a half foot of precipitation since Tuesday nearly everyone of the state gotten over an inch of rain this week there were also reports of flash flooding in parts Milwaukee Madison in Green Bay throughout the week as several rounds of heavy rains pass through the good news is a dryer weather pattern is forecast through the next week. we now know the punishment for two new Berlin Eisenhower football players who Hayes their teammates sources tell me that several football players have now been suspended from school for two days and also suspended for the next five games of the football season the players who were team captains another seniors will miss almost the entire football season the sources who are parents tell me hazing's been going on at the school for many many years and coaches have been aware.

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