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The free distribution of this podcast is sponsored by the master of science in Human Anatomy and physiology instruction the happy degree a few days ago. I got a note from one of our happy graduates who wanted to thank us for the prep. In online teaching she received in the happy program. She said the Duda her school being shut down until further notice everyone had a translation online teaching of students familiar story right and she said that she feels very comfortable doing this. Because of the instruction experience and practice she got through happy as well as the exposure to the best online practices. She said that she uses which she learned in happy on a daily basis and that was true even before the cove in nineteen shutdown. Check this online graduate program at NYC DOT EDU SLASH HAPPY. That's Ha pi or. Click the link in the show notes or episode page. Hey there's a new cohort forming right now. So maybe WANNA get in touch with.

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