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Esperanza spalding. Yeah so are you doing s after all that. I'm good settling settling settle. Yeah and I reflect back for for you to you everything you just said about me yeah. I'm grateful I'm very out of bed with I'm learning except supplement accepted a new. Replace my life book. I'm learning to accept for years tells you accept compliments. Are you good about what compliments I just. Just let 'em roll and often bounce back to be real also figure you can't perceive it if you don't hold it you know I want you to hold the compliments. Yes all those things. Okay and when can I sit closer to you. You sound pretty great based on his Asthma osmosis emanate off. Normally like I guess like the back of my hand when they come to the show. But I can't help help. But notice that in your bio and your Wiki buydell they had factoid in there that kind of took me back. Ah which for me like the idea of Portland Oregon. The words gang activity never seem to mix the Portland of now. You try to translate and also if you come from like New York or Baltimore or La. I think gang activity in Portland is like a little little paper Cup that you get by the Cooler Office. Yes with the way they were trying to paint. It was like you know music is your salvation neighborhood and uh-huh so am I to believe that there's a difference between Portland Oregon and Nicholson Gardens or no. This is just like I mean if if you're growing up in sleeping in the bathtub because their guns outside and you've never been to another city it feels it feels imminent if feels dangerous if he'll scary. And that was the reality for a few years going up and raised but you know comparatively to some other cities. I think we had a mild. They were wiling okay. I'm that's the thing the fact that you had it all sacks because people are genuinely jaw dropped when I tell them that Portland Oregon is hands hands down my favorite city on earth. More than half my record collection comes from. They're not saying like I'm music. Yeah well the thing is your record dealers really. Don't know the value of certain things so Portland is the place that light Japanese record dealers. Fly too well. Hello to come and buy records. Emi Sell them back. I'm in four thousand bucks. I meant yeah her vintage clothing just for the record as well no they really don't. Yeah it's a trip. It's like everybody just figured it out. But that reality that you're talking about was like our secret. 'cause as we were provincial. Kind of you always move like didn't know that the world is. We're looking at Portland like that too. Like beat makers and whatnot. I would lead them to Austin. What's my second favorite city? But I sent him down South far away from my dough. Dane Portland Oregon. So what was was your childhood like. Did you grow up in a musical family or now I I grew up with a single working mother and a big brother and I grew up just in a funky Funky neighborhood it was. I didn't know that it was grimy. Because that's all that I had but I know that we weren't allowed to go outside because it felt dangerous. You know after the street lights came on we had to stay in And I remember I remember wanted to always be at the piano and always wanted to compose a when my mother took the dog for a walk. I would makers Chris Sing harmony with me. That's what I remember my childhood start. What Army Mike? Yes good here. Yeah ages there because I know you're a phenomenon I'm blessed here. I mean I don't know if I'm a fiend. I've worked a lot at stuff when I was a kid but yeah very musical. I mean and honestly I don't remember they they saying yeah. She's not denigration where everybody could play piano. Could play piano and read piano music. You know so for me. It was just like anything that I heard on the radio or on television end credits I will go find it. The Piano and that was the beginning of my compositional journey. Can you remember Knbr the first record that you purchased Ooh it was You born in eighty four. Don't you give me A little bit of love. It was probably is psychology down. It was probably rimsky-korsakov's because it was though and maybe some cheapo muscle. I was really into cheap when I was a kid. I probably bought an early..

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