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Here with Chris Alberta from Principia. Matt Chris is not your everyday wealth management expert. He's got a different approach one that I think you should listen to. So the concept that you're five years of freedom. Let's get into some detail on the five year freedom plan idea is to place enormous emphasis on making the next five years be a safe haven for those retirement funds and make sure that when we do start to take money from his retirement accounts. It is done in such a stable and predictable way that there is no more fear of ever running out of money. Look there's a lot coming at us. There's gonna be a presidential election. We don't know what way that will push the market, you have trade problems tariff problems terrorism problems, you name it the market is highly unpredictable, and for those folks that are retiring soon or retired in the last few years that are looking at that nest egg as their paycheck money, which is a lot of them. We need to make sure that we have a very balanced measured approach to making it the next five years without any major snafus. No, big market losses in not having to commit to some long term annuity contract or some very low interest Bank instrument just to get there. There is a way to do it. We have been doing it successfully for years, and we wanna make sure that come five years from now when the markets corrected and things have leveled out we have a new president or maybe the same president and things have calmed down. Then we have a whole lot of options. So the next five years matter a lot, and we don't know, we don't know when the next bubble's gonna burst, right? Correct. You don't know. And this is this is really the proverbial tortoise and the hair. I would rather have a client family that is comprised entirely of tortoises and of Harris, there's no glory to me accumulating wealth, occasionally, we'd rather accumulate wealth and very slow predictable and responsible manner folks, I've gotten to know Chris over the last year, he's the real deal. He's honest knowledgeable, and unlike any other financial planner you've ever met, a real wealth management expert. You ought to yourself.

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