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I can walk to taco bell whale. Burn off early. It's like you need to have your heart rate above one twenty for two hours. Eat however you want like. Yeah chad ocho cinco. The nfl player early can eat however he wants. He was thinking professional athlete. The worst thing ever was hearing what michael phelps was eating it was like he could just use like eleven pizzas. And it's really crazy. Chicken fingers in the olympic villagers always a giant. Mcdonald's like how can they mcdonald's and he's like well every other minute of my day is exercise exactly complete body. Yeah strenuous exercise. Yeah. he has eight thousand calories. Mcdonald's it sucks. 'cause like in my mind i was like i'll start swimming once a month and it's like nah it's not going to do and then don't worry i will cut corners while i do it right. Exactly exactly mostly floating. I'm just doing a dead man's float. It's hard to swim the food in my hand. How many calories you burn if you can hold your breath for like a main. It's but it's all. I have been working on a little bit. That's all i wanna do is at least not have to eat perfect. It's very hard. And it's been i when i got surgery. I lost a lot of weight in the hospital. That rule and then i it was so tight and look great. I'm like hey. I was legally dead days ago. I didn't think i dropped a few shows and And then it was for the first time. In a long time i could chew normally. I had like Brain surgery thing in my head you brain yet. Oh shit had like I had this crazy sharp pain in my hand. So i couldn't chew foods for a couple years very easily off and so once it was done i was like steak.

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