Senator, John Kennedy, Bill Cohen discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


The truth about how often he plays golf or his crowd size when the pictures are right there. How can you trust what he says about this? And you need trust in the White House but the other is you wanted administration. That actually believes that sometimes experts are to be called. Ss halvard problem and Bill Cohen. The Bill Cohen. The former Republican senator and secretary defense once said government is the enemy until you need a friend and experts are nasty elitist until you need. Somebody knows what they're talking about. Help you solve problem in this administration. I show you like excellent a clip. This is John Kennedy. He is not that John Kennedy. Here's the Republican senator from Louisiana. He's a Republican and he's been a big defender of Donald Trump here. He is talking to are acting head of Homeland Security. I named now the guy's name because these temps come through the permanently surprised. It wasn't a bunk as wedding planner. Quite frankly but this is a Republican Senator. Talking to this man. Watch this about the virus jobs to keep us safe. And you can't tell us how many your models are anticipating. No senator again I I would defer to the health and human services for that so check on that we will as they had a bone land security without is it transmitted a variety of different ways center again. Human-to-human is what we've obviously you're asking me a number of medical questions asked question. Hhs Secretary of Homeland Security. And you're supposed to keep the safe..

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