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Com slash feel happy the Wisconsin State Supreme Court turning down President Trump the court, refusing to hear Trump's attempt to overturn his election loss. Joe Biden in Wisconsin today. The latest numbers on Cove in 19 10,959. New Illinois cases 192. Additional deaths over 106,000 people were tested in the past 24 hours in Illinois. Cook County health officials investigating a wedding That was held at the Chicago Northbrook Hilton Wednesday night. Channel two is reporting that there were about 150 people at the wedding. They were mixing, mingling, eating, drinking, talking without masks. Now there's an investigation going on. There is movement on Capitol Hill on another massive covert 19 economic relief package. ABC is Karen Travers is in Washington. Washington with what President Trump had to say about Trump today signaled he's on board with the bipartisan compromise for a covert 19th relief package. A $900 billion measure introduced this week by House and Senate lawmakers. E will absolutely. The president said he thinks lawmakers were getting close and he wants it done. Happened. Democratic leaders were on board with this compromise plan, but Senate Republican leaders have introduced their own package, which is only 500 billion. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington In Kenosha, Wisconsin. Shooting suspect Kyle written house has been ordered to stand trial are Lauren Cone, with that story, written house appeared in a preliminary hearing. The video conference seated next to his attorney whose motions to dismiss some of the pending charges against his client were rejected by the court. He will now stand trial in the Fatal shooting of two men and the wounding of another in August during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse will be arraigned January 5th He is out after posting $2 million bail and says he acted in self defense. Lauren Cone 8 90 WLS Nude Illinois officials are reporting a significant reduction in the didna testing backlog in our state. But Bill Cameron says they asked a state Senate committee for help in turning the progress into convictions in courts. State police director Brendan Kelly testified there's been a 48% reduction in the Didna test backlog in Illinois. But if we see a 48% gin in the DNA backlog Well, where's the 48% increase in arrests? Where's the 48% increased in charges where is 48% increase in convictions? And so Kelly is asking the Legislature to create a forensic science commission so that all of the affected parties can coordinate solutions to the many problems. Cameron 8 90 W last year at Mackinac Island, Michigan authorities looking for somebody who climbed to the top of a Mackinaw bridge.

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