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Yeah, And I don't think people understand that the fame and the lack of an amenity in America. I think people don't understand to how hard it is to be such a great person market how hard it is. Be such a great person because you know, coach. Biggest problem is he couldn't say no to anybody because he wanted to please everybody and the fact that he was so famous in you when you don't live out your dreams in terms of the National Football League when you have the capabilities and the potential of talent. This game once it's over. It's a hard adjustment in life. And, you know, God bless his soul. I know there's so many people in this community had tried to help him and the fact that he's no longer with us. I'm sure there's Lots of tears throughout the Hawaiian islands today, and rightly so, because I remember waking up Rick when Andy Irons died, and it was on the front page of star advertise that no, Andy, but I still cried because he was He was great for the state of wife. Bryant means that much to this state, and I don't think we'll ever see a football player mean more. Of all publications. The New York Post refers to Colt Brennan as legendary and I think that is an appropriate term to use with Colt. Yes. Yeah, again. I mean, you can talk about surfing legend. You can talk about baseball legend. You can talk about basketball legend and obviously we have to and markets and Jessie's a polo and guys like that, you know, to really watch the Forest Buckner. In terms of university, Hawaii and legends. People say Did you play during the coat? Brennan era? Oh, no, I was before quote I was after coat. I mean, this is like a 30 year, saying that people refer to the coat Brennan. Uh, the legend, the era. The status that he you know, uh, invoked in it, I said, this one is going to the Sugar Bowl and I hope I wasn't being prophetic. But will we ever go back? University of white game of that magnitude? I hope we do. But the reason we did go is a lot of it was on the shoulders of that quarterback. Amen. Other rich I can't thank you enough. Our hearts are very sad. Today. There's no doubt and You've helped us helped it to understand exactly the man. The player. But really the iconic symbol. That Colt has left with us and I thank you, brother. I think you saw very much as always. Well, said Rick. I love listening to you and you. It's got to be keep doing a great job. Thanks. Problem all the best. Thank you. I know my goodness. Brother rich me, Otto. Yep. Talk about going back years. I remember about being with Rich's dad when he was done like he member of the birds. Had had his birds..

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