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Eight hundred eight six nine two one three six twelve twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right now in Virginia on ninety five in the southbound direction after seventeen before the Rappahannock river bridge that was the scene of the accident activity at one point it was just the right lane getting by the crash but they may be temporarily stopping things that time to deal with the accident activity or delays are back near six thirty in Stafford in both directions seventeen are very heavy trying to get onto southbound ninety five also in Virginia the ongoing situation on sixty six in Centerville eastbound and westbound near twenty eighteen Centerville the left side of the roadway I mean with all the activity for the earlier tractor trailer that had been on its side in the median tractor trailer on its wheels on the left side only spend sixty six also some vehicles on the right so you're getting by up the center now westbound sixty six they may have gotten all your lanes open looks like all the activity that's off to the left side is both in the media and on the left shoulders while it may draw some attention you should have all your lanes available to you in the westbound direction in Maryland twenty nine calls all right it's like a creek parkway that was a report of a crash wood yard road was reported close between Pennsylvania Avenue and tower house road due to the accident activity watch for police direction I'm Rita Kessler WTOP traffic things are looking better this afternoon we will see some sunshine and fairly pleasant temperatures with a mixture conquering sunshine highs mid sixties to lower seventy S. we are going to watch an upper level disturbance come to.

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