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I would say So then hard and misses the wide open three often ice penetration by harris which katie for setup and then the nets are pushing the down. Jaanus makes beautiful pass to lopez after katie force. The past he also ties up. Rick lopez believable. Yeah this is after like two nets went flying for the offense around the other. They got a fast break now. It's just a great play. Brook lopez's a great finisher. I thought he was just going to go up and lay it in But then in a piece of basketball justice. Kevin durant quick tips at which he shouldn't have been allowed to do but he quick tips. It out of balances own way. So it's bucks ball anyway. Yeah and maybe that was one like harden was there you know if he maybe you could have reacted faster with the if it weren't for the hamstring but it landed outbound pretty quickly And so then the bucks get the ball back like if it if this is a minute. Thirty left pretty much at this point and the still haven't scored in the entire overtime. It's still won. Eleven zero nine nets and they now have switched griffin onto yannis jaanus drives baseline. I thought the nets did not do a good enough job of getting help on that particular left side. Eyeso- at points in the game and this might have been one of them because everyone else was on the weak side right like they had no spacing in. Pg or tiger was bowed out by that point. But you know they. They had guys who were not in position to do anything on the weak side but they never really brought help over and then blake griffin clear file. You know he sticks his six both forums on him as he's facing up foul but i was surprised that it was not considered a shooting. Foul us kind of so far on the baseline that maybe they felt like. Hey kuna shot it from there even if he was really going to pick the ball up to shoot it but good news for the bucks that it wasn't a shooting foul because the would not have wanted to be at the foul line and so now katya on yada yada scored isolation in the post against k. d. using shape free pretty liberal push up but that that hook shot. That's the one shot that i wanted to have. The other one is just that free throw line jumper and he's got to make that hook shot more in this series like it got to actually be a semi decent weapon for him and so that ties at the huge shot And then we had. What i feel is the biggest play of overtime. Yeah we'll also so durant. I thought this was one of his better attacks of. Ot he gets the ball driving on the left side and tries to get to the basket and brooke lopez's just beats him to the spot blocks it and then i mean but so the thing is like that you're that's an important play but then they kicked the ball out the nets recover. It kick the ball to joe harris and joe harris misses. The three that would have put brooklyn up three with a minute ago. Yeah wide open as well and then the bucks. Come down chris. Middleton pick and roll. Bruce bronze stays within pretty well. Katie guarding jaanus brown is on him at the free throw line area so katie elects to stay with with the honest. That's what you should do in that situation but milton just gets a nice beautiful spin back over. His right shoulder has little size advantage on brown and gives them a two point. Lead with forty point seven left so good time out here by nash. To set up the two for one they get it. I thought katie. Got a really good look from the right elbow with thirty five seconds left and he just missed it. You know it happens sometimes. Even even to kevin durant in this game and then another totally stagnant bucks. Possession leads to middleton missing a twelve foot. Pull up and at this point down to twelve seconds left when they get the rebound katie gets the rebound and they not to call time out. And i think that. It retrospect thousand mistake. Now let him let him push it up absolutely. But i thought it was just as soon as hard or as soon as katie gave it up to harden as he was crossing half court. I was like oh he'd looked really tired here Your dabbing the game. That he's having to give it up too hard. Knowing where harden is at this point hard was like no you go get the ball right now and gives it back to him but still at that point they got nothing going on and i think at that point know. Hindsight is twenty. Twenty this isn't like bad coaching or anything like that. But i thought nash could've have taken the last time up at that point i mean into rant. I had noticed it going back to that. Drive in the layup. That got that brooke lopez's bought it didn't seem like he had much burst left and i think we we saw with didn't quite have enough legs with short on the on that that clean look from two on the possession before and it is you said it was not an obvious decision and i like trying to push and get it because one of the reasons that you don't that you that you don't call a timeout is. The other team can get superior as we were advocates for not-i'm out before it was cool although the bucks didn't have anyone else that they could exactly like i mean i guess could have brought in the knossos. Yeah i mean maybe you could say that the nets have gone with some more offense of personnel. Sure as well. But i think once and then even once katie had it and he was like back to goal forty feet from the rim against holiday. Who's like a heart you know he. He does good work posting up holiday. But it's hard to face up on holiday and get separation so time i would have been good. I was just like it. Just didn't look like something good was going to happen for. You just didn't have the same alacrity. Like i think he was just tired in that moment. it only been thirty seconds of play at that point but it's still very intense and you know the fact that he gave it up as well too hard and like it didn't seem like he was just in the right mindset that he needed to be in and so yeah and he just never really was able to even attempt to get great separation he kinda took the same shot that he had taken over. Tucker but it just. He didn't have his legs under. You could tell. It was so short. But i mean he you if you watch this face. The zoomed in on like it looked like he thought it was going in and it was like three feet short. You know it was just. It was just such a letdown and to have him. I mean just seemed clear that he just did not have it in him to make a move at that point in time and who's great defense by holiday not to take any credit there but it was just it and i didn't even really notice that on the play that lopez block and he's still got pretty good separation. Got a good look the previous time like this to me. This is the first time you know. He was obviously struggling to get up and exhausted. It's up but this was the first time like on the court whereas like already just doesn't have anymore and it just happened at like the absolute worst point in the game and and that was it So we don't know what's going to happen the rest of the way. I mean i think you can make a case that crazy as it is. The box might be the favorites for the nba championship. right now. Bad as they played throughout this series. I mean they. They deserve to lose the series. I will say that lake because the the nets had one guy on the team and that one guy was unbelievable but The bucks should have been able to score better than they did in this series against the nets new even with katie playing at a good good clip and blake griffin and bruce brown playing the series of their lives You know certainly had the nets been healthy. You would say that it would not have been closer..

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