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Was her entire relationship until Until that she also may be dated other people meek to she dated meek too but like this but she basically went from safari long long-term relationship to kind of this this other guy. What's his host his name. Petty kenneth petty petty kenneth yet right. She's miss betty. Mrs petty to you. Mrs petty so safari and erica had been on and hip hop for ever. I'm obsessed with this because safari and erica. This just happened with ray j a few weeks ago. I think we talked about it. Because this show that they're doing unlocked where it's like zoom conversations between love and hip hop cast members and the moderator. They're so casual. It's just like the dynamic of zoom makes people say things. I think they wouldn't normally say if they weren't just like comfortable on the couch with their laptop in front of them or whatever set up they have but this goes back to like in november in november as lindsay said he tweeted not even in december which is the funniest part about this tweet in the middle of november. He goes ending twenty twenty right as a bachelor. It wasn't like that was on december thirty first that was november and then he tweeted because people were like as a bachelor like. Are you breaking up with erica. 'cause they're married and he goes a man is nothing without his family. I'm not a bachelor. I love my wife. I would never disrespect about my child or my wife. Sorry for being childish and salute to all the real men out there. This is the type of that he does. Then they were on that fucking show on lock and they were talking about like oh. You're going to have more kids because they only have one kid together and he's like i don't want other kids anymore because.

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